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Buy Now for 100% Free Shipping & No Sales Tax - Today Only!


DK2 Wood Chippers

Removing brush from your property or getting rid of wooden components from a cleanup can often be difficult without a proper shredder or chipping device. With the assistance of a DK2 Chipper you will be able to make sure work of any brush, wood or leftover components so that they can be removed into regular trash. The commercial chipper and shredder that we have for rent comes with a proper commercial shredder and a dual belt drive drum transmission. The dual edge reversible cutting blades make short work of anything you may want to chip or shred up in your cleanup. Auto adjust cutters ensure that brush up to 6.25 inches in diameter can be fed into the auto branch feeding blades. The 180° schedule of 80 toll-free rotational devices make short chipping work out of any brush you feed in.

Check out the best selling DK2 Chipper: DK2 6" towable commercial chipper shredder with 14 hp gas kohler engine opc506.

The commercial grade engine offers a robust level of power for the chipper and the components built in are extremely heavy and made to last. Road legal tires on board ensure that this is a device which can be easily towed behind a car or brought in for use in a wide range of yard clean-ups. The set of lockout keys, safety features and assembly tools that come with the rental also ensure that this can be a very safe use device and a tool that offers high performance with an incredible degree of safety. The dual handles make sure that the device can be easy to move even if it’s off the trailer and the quick drop standard to ball removable tow bar make it easy to set up and move with the device when you need to change jobsites.

Other best sellers include the DK2 power commercial 3 inch cyclonic chipper shredder w kohler 7hp engine opc503 and the DK2 opc566e

If you would like to learn more about the DK2 Wood chipper and how you can buy this device, contact us today to learn more.