Ranger R76ATR Tire Changer + DST30P Wheel Balancer + RL-8500 Brake Lathe + Tape Wheel Weights Combo Black and Silver 1400pcs - 5140131

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Product Description

Features Of The 5140131


Included in this Package Deal

R76ATR Tire Changer / Tilt-Back / Right-Tower Single Assist / 30 Capacity

R76ATR (5140140) QTY 1

Tire Changer / Tilt-Back / Right-Tower Single Assist / 30" Capacity

The R76ATR is a brilliant time saver. Its tilt-back tower allows you to operate different tire-and-wheel combos without adjusting the duck head, and the swing-arm design with tower assist ensure stiff sidewalls are never a problem. RimGuard™ clamps extend 10" – 30" for maximum versatility.


DST30P Wheel Balancer / 36 mm Shaft / Six-Second Balancing Times

DST30P (5140154) QTY 1

Wheel Balancer / 36 mm Shaft / Six-Second Balancing Times

Stop chasing weight! The DST30P Wheel Balancer features incredibly fast floor-to-floor times and calibrates the minimal weight adjustment for a perfect balance—in just six seconds flat.


RL-8500 Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling

RL-8500 (5150066) QTY 1

Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling

The revolutionary RL-8500 combination brake lathe uses independent DC servo motors to control the cross-feed and spindle feed drives, eliminating the need for complex mechanical gear boxes and transmissions typically found on mechanically-driven brake lathes.


Tape Wheel Weights / Combo Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights / Combo / ROLLS (1400 pcs. - 0.25 oz. - 1/2 Wide - 22 lbs.)

Tape Wheel Weights / Combo (5150230) QTY 1

Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights / Combo / ROLLS (1400 pcs. - 0.25 oz. - 1/2" Wide - 22 lbs.)

This combo Quick-Peel™ adhesive steel wheel weights are an effective and environmentally friendly way to quickly balance wheels using as little weight as possible.


Ranger R76ATR Tire Changer

  • 4 Clamps (Internal / External)
  • Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Blade
  • Tilt-Back Tower Design
  • Vertical Shaft / Tool Head Positioning
  • Inflation System
  • Inflation Gauge & Integrated Air Dump Valve
  • Inflation Pressure Regulator/Limiter
  • Water Filter
  • Oiler / Lubricator
  • Air Regulator
  • Bead Tool/Tire Iron
  • Alloy-Steel Mount-Demount Head
  • Nylon Mount-Demount Head
  • Large Soap Bucket
  • Soap Brush
  • TurboBlast™ Bead Seating System
  • Tool Tray / Bin Storage
  • Motorcycle Turntable Clamps (optional)

 Ranger DST30P Wheel Balancer

  • Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy settings
  • A multi-user save function holds presets to increase productivity
  • An ergonomic control board and easy-to-read LED display has vibrant visual cues and keypad to improve efficiency and proper balancing techniques for faster floor-to-floor times
  • A simultaneous retrieval of static, dynamic and ALU1/ALU2 data, identifies weight placement configurations for a variety of wheel styles and designs with the simple push of a button
  • Automatic rolling wheel parameter setting feature saves valuable time and minimizes errors
  • Low RPM balancing speed and rapid six-second cycle time
  • Automatic braking
  • Gram/ounce selection and millimeter/inch selection
  • Automatic round-off with top-dead-center weight position indicator
  • Manual or automatic start when hood is lowered
  • Self-calibration function
  • High-volume top weight tray and side shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety of wheel weights and tools
  • Newly designed side shelf features an open-top design that accommodates Ranger Quick-Peel™ adhesive tape weight convenient bulk rolls
  • Precision-machined, hardened-steel 36 mm shaft
  • Quick-release hub nut for dramatically reduced set-up times
  • Side-position brake hold wheels at precisely 12-o’clock for proper weight placement
  • Side cone storage pegs keeps accessories readily available
  • New “open-side” hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes

Ranger RL-8500 Brake Lathe

  • Precision electric DC servo motors designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial motion control
  • Quick-Change Adapter-Plus system with built-in springs eliminates the need for conventional bell clamps and cones
  • Works with hubless drums, rotors (center hole sized 2-5/32" – 4") and composite rotors (center hole sized 4" – 6.25")
  • The RL-8500 is equipped with features that help increase your service capability, like precision twin cutter tools and a quick drum-to-rotor changeover
  • Infinitely variable spindle and cross feed speed settings allow for quick rough and precision finish cuts
  • Simple ergonomic controls are designed for minimal operator movement
  • Legendary control makes unit easy to learn and master
  • The RL-8500 maintains accuracy year after year thanks to ruggedly constructed components like a hardened, precision ground spindle that resists grooving and makes boots a thing of the past
  • Massive tapered spindle bearings offer superior weight support during rotation
  • Exclusive "splash-lube" oil-feed system supplies a constant flow of oil to the bearings, making sure they provide years of trouble-free service
  • Serpentine belts provide a faster, quieter operation, reducing chatter and vibration
  • An independent cross feed motor eliminates the need for plastic or bronze shear gear that are expensive and time-consuming to replace
  • A convenient top storage tray means your popular adapters and tools are kept within short reach
  • Separate motors on the drum and rotor feed help maximize the main motor's efficiency
  • Our deluxe standard adapter package includes a Quick-Change hubless adapter system that makes mounting rotors and drums quick and easy
  • A variety of adapters let you machine all standard and composite rotors for foreign and domestic cars and light trucks
  • A 450-lb. cast iron body and a solid work bench reduce transient vibrations, ensuring a smooth uninterrupted surface finish with each pass
  • Easily change arbor speeds in seconds: choose 150 or 200 rpm, depending on the job
  • Positive rake cutter tip angle provides a one-pass finish virtually every time, allowing you to complete your work faster than inferior multi-pass lathes
  • Optional truck adapter kit available

Ranger R76ATR Tire Changer

  • Style: Tilt-Back Tower Design
  • Assist Type: Single-Tower Assist
  • Speed: Standard
  • Motor: 3 HP (220 VAC 50-60 HZ)
  • Drive System Type: Electric / Hydraulic
  • Air Requirement:  110-175 PSI (8-12 BAR)
  • Wheel Clamping Method: 4 Clamps - Internal / External
  • Table Clamping System: Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Bead Breaking System:  Adjustable Pneumatic Blade
  • Tower Design:  Tilt-Back
  • Power Assist Tower(s): Single / Right-Side
  • Bead Lifting Roller(s):  Single / Right-Side
  • Upper Bead Assist Roller:  Single / Right-Side
  • Vertical Shaft / Tool Head:  Pneumatic / Locking
  • Powerful Bead Seating System:  TurboBlast™
  • Internal Rim Clamping Capacity:  10” – 30” (254 mm - 762 mm)
  • External Rim Clamping Capacity:  9” – 28” (229 mm - 711 mm)
  • Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting):  4” – 18” (102 mm – 457 mm)
  • Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting):  1.5” – 16” (38 mm – 406 mm)
  • Maximum Tire Diameter:  43” (1,092 mm)
  • Shipping Weight:  970 lbs. (440 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions:  45'' x 73'' x 51'' (1,143 mm x 1,854 mm x 1,295 mm)

Ranger DST30P Wheel Balancer


Auto & Light Truck

Data Entry



1.5 HP, 110/220V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1Ph

Working Temperature

-5°C / 27°F - 50°C / 82°F

Cycle Time

6 - 9 Seconds (avg.)

Balancing Modes

Dynamic / Static / 3-Alloy

Drive System

Belt Drive

Wheel Braking

Automatic / Electronic

Cones Included

3 Standard / 1 Truck

Max. Tire Diameter

50” (1,270 mm)

Max. Tire Weight

150 lbs. (68 kg)

Wheel Diameter Capacity

8” - 30” (254 mm - 672 mm)

Wheel Width Capacity

1.2” - 20” (30 mm - 508 mm)

Balancing Increments

0.25 oz (7 gram)

Balancing Speed

180 RPM


+/- 1 gram (.035 oz)


0.01 ounce, 1.4°

Shipping Weight

398 lbs. (181 kg)

Ranger RL-8500 Brake Lathe

Motor Drive Unit

115 – 230 VAC, 50-60 hz, 1 Ph, 20 amp

Max Rotor Thickness

2.5” (64 mm)

Max Rotor Diameter

17” (432 mm)

Brake Drum Diameter

6” – 28” (152 mm – 711 mm)

Max Load with Standard 1” Arbor

150 lbs. (68 kg)

Max Load with Optional 1-7/8” Truck Arbor

250 lbs. (113 kg)

Spindle Travel

6-7/8” (175 mm)

Spindle Speed

150 rpm – 200 rpm

Shipping Weight w/ Bench & Tools

688 lbs. (312 kg)

Shipping Dimensions

37'' x 46'' x 29'' (939 mm x 1,168 mm x 736 mm)


Ranger R76ATR User Manual
Ranger R76ATR Sales Sheet
Ranger R76ATR Warranty

Ranger DST30P User Manual
Ranger DST30P Sales Sheet
Ranger DST30P Warranty

Ranger RL-8500 User Manual
Ranger RL-8500 Sales Sheet
Ranger RL-8500 Warranty

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