a GMC truck on a 4 post car lift

A 4-post lift is necessary for most big garages or car owners with heavy trucks and SUVs. It's a versatile option for hoisting up your car for repairs, alignment jobs, oil changes, suspension works, inspection, cleaning, auto-tuning and more!

It also comes with a substantial bonus –it can double as an extra parking spot for your car, especially in residential settings, thus saving you the cost of renting out or building an additional garage extension.

That said, not all 4-post lifts are equal. Some models offer more functions than others, while others may provide less for the same price. With that in mind, here are some of the best quality 4-post car lifts which will give you good value for your money.

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13 Of The Best Four Post Car Lifts On The Market

Editor's Pick: Best Four Post Lift

BendPak HDS-40X 4-Post Truck Lift 40,000 Lb. Capacity

Yeap! We've picked the "beast of burden" as our top favorite four-post lift.

The BendPak HDS-40X is a top of the line 4 post car lift capable of lifting some seriously heavy pieces of equipment. It has an impressive maximum capacity of 40,000 pounds. It can accommodate various types and sizes of vehicles, including vans, heavy trucks, large SUVs, and even trailer heads or towing trucks. Go here to learn about the Bendpak manufacturing facilities.


top 4 post truck lift by bendpak

"Multiple adjustable height locking positions"

It is one of the best car lifts designed to lift the heaviest vehicles with maximum safety and convenience. It features spring-loaded safety locks, non-skid runways, a second lock system on constant guard, and conveniently positioned operator controls. Perfect for anyone who works on massive commercial vehicles, including military contractors.

With a runway length of 310", this BendPak car lift is the most extended and heaviest duty car lift that will easily handle any bus with no sweat.

Features & Specs

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 68.5" (1,740 mm) max. lifting height.
  • 109" (2,769 mm) drive-thruough clearance.
  • Maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system
  • 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph motor power unit.
  • Galvanized lifting cables
  • longer runways, 310" (7,874 mm)

Best Compact 4 Post Lift

BendPak HD-7W 4-Post Lift 7,000 Lb. Capacity High Rise

Next is the BendPak HD7W compact 4-post car lift 7000-lb. model, a narrow high-rise car lift.

It's a versatile lift for shops that primarily deal with sedans, sports cars, and light-duty SUVs and trucks. This lift has a smaller footprint compared to others within its class. That's because it takes up less space, and it can house a variety of vehicle types in a low-ceiling garage.

The BendPak HD-7W offers enough side clearance that easily accommodates trucks with wide mirrors. It's a desirable option for versatile parking and maintenance solutions for both professional technicians and homeowners.

For its build, the BendPak uses an electric-hydraulic lift with a single-cylinder that works alongside a 220V motor to raise your vehicle to a height of 82" in an awe-inspiring 35 seconds.

Features & Specs

  • Short runway with rail kit for additional accessories.
  • A wide drive-through with a non-skid surface ramp.
  • Conveniently placed hydraulic cylinder (single) mounted under the runway.
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column.
  • It can be paired with an optional rolling jack of 4,500-lb—capacity (Model RJ-45).
  • It comes with self-lubricating cable rollers.
  • Uses heavy-duty steel aircraft wire ropes rated at 14,400 lbs.
  • Fitted with multi-position safety locks in each column and adjustable lock ladders.
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release.
  • Extra tall four-post lift

BendPak HD-7PXW 4-Post Car Lift 7,000 lbs. Capacity

The HD-7PXW is a magnificent super tall garage lift perfect for car enthusiasts, professional technicians, and car dealerships lucky enough to have extra tall ceilings.

It makes it easy to store small to medium vehicles atop tall vehicles like vans.
The BendPak HD-7PXW 7000 effortlessly raises vehicles weighing up to 7,000 lbs. over 12 feet into the air.

This literal giant lift uses heavy-duty runways similar to any other BendPak four-post lift. It has a 188" long runway to accommodate a variety of wheelbases and vehicle types.

This commercial-grade lift also has the same safety and convenience features as other BendPak four-post lifts. It features a one-touch pneumatic safety release switch that instantly releases all the locks simultaneously. The single hydraulic cylinder is perfectly tucked under the power-side runway for extra convenience.

Features & Specs

  • Equally distributed axle capacity. Both front and rear axles have 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg) max capacity
  • It takes 60 seconds to reach the max. lifting height of 145" (3,683 mm)
  • 86.5" (2,197 mm) drive-thru clearance
  • fitted with 30 Multi-position safety locks
  • fitted with self-lubricating cable rollers minimizing maintenance work
  • Features extra durable and reliable heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft cable

Best Suited For Storage

Triumph NSS-8 Four Post Storage Car Lift, 8000 lbs Capacity

Being the second Triumph on the list, the NSS-8 is ideal for parking purposes, as its name suggests. If you install it in your garage, you can park two cars where you'd normally park one.

The first thing to appreciate about the Triumph NSS-8 four-post car lift is its user-friendly installation and usage. You don't need diverse technical knowledge to assemble it because it has straightforward instructions.

The lift has excellent dimensions, which contribute to its versatility. It can accommodate both small and more significant vehicles with an 8000 pounds lifting limit. This means you can lift small trucks and vans on this elevator.

It comes with aluminum approach ramps and five lock rods for improved safety. There are also two-vehicle stop plates and three drip trays. The lift is powered by a 110V electric motor and has ten-level automatic locking for more safety and convenience. It is best suited for parking and creates0 space with its removable parts like the ramps.

Features & Specs

  • It has three drip trays that act as a reservoir for liquid or other material dripping from the hoisted car.
  • It features a casket kit, allowing it to move smoothly around your garage.
  • The jack tray feature allows you to choose between a floor and bottle jack to lift one part of the vehicle
  • .It uses a 110V motor to initiate the lift.
  • It comes with two removable ramps that make loading and unloading the vehicle easier.
  • The two removable stop plates secure your vehicle in place.
  • Automatic locking lets you secure the car at ten different levels.

Best 4 Post Alignment Lift

Dannmar D4-12A 4-Post Alignment Lift 12,000 Capacity

The Dannmar alignment lift is specially designed with industrial-strength rear slip plates and front turn plates fitted on the lift runways to provide optimal grip and results. This helps the wheels to respond to the alignment adjustment effectively with no resistance, quickly and more accurately. The plates also provide extra clearance for installing other pieces of equipment.

This 2 in 1 garage car lift is designed to work both as an alignment system and a car lift. It's perfect for most commercial shops as it can accommodate large and even low ground clearance vehicles —perfect workshop lift for carrying out repairs on small vehicles or light to medium weight trucks.

See the entire Dannmar lift range here.

dannmar car lift

Features & Specs

  • The ultimate rugged lifting solution for busy car shops
  • It creates extra floor space for your equipment and increases parking capacity.
  • It comes standard with a robust 10.5" diameter dual-hub cable sheaves
  • Includes a heavy-duty 1/2" diameter aircraft-quality lifting cable that runs through each of the four columns.
  • Designed for every day non-stop use
  • 12,000lbs heavy-duty lift capacity
  • Made with aircraft-quality stainless steel
  • It uses aluminum pneumatic cylinders that guarantee years of trouble-free service.
  • Other features include adjustable height locking positions, push-button pneumatic lock release, electric/hydraulic power, and an optional rolling bridge jack.

Best 4 Post Car Lift For Sedans

Triumph 9000-Pound Four-Post Lift, 9000lbs Capacity

One of the essential features to consider in a 4-post car lift is durability and how sturdy the material is. The Triumph 9000-pound 4-post Automotive lift is nothing if not durable.

The main reason for this sturdiness is its exterior slider design. The solid build gives it a rigid stand and helps its 9000-pounds weight holding capability. Additionally, several integrated features like the automatic deadbolt lock and secondary redundant safety system make the lift safe.

It also offers other features like two 36-inch 29-lbs aluminum ramps, a set of drip trays, and a rolling jack tray. In addition, the posts have a fresh coat of paint, giving them a premium look while boosting their strength and rustproofing them.

The lift is powered by a 110V motor that should be maintained regularly for improved performance. You can use it for parking or general car tuning and inspection.

Features & Specs

  • The redundant secondary safety system is a great backup plan for the elevator if there's a malfunction. It ensures that the whole system is secure when issues arise and that the vehicle is firmly in place.
  • It's fitted with manual deadbolt locks with oversized spotting links that help to secure the system.
  • It features heavy-duty poly-coated casters that allow your elevator to be moved within the auto repair premises.
  • Drip trays act as collection reservoirs for liquid and other material from the car hoisted above.
  • A drain plug cable in the rolling jack tray prevents cable runoff.
  • It has light, removable aluminum ramps for more effortless loading. They are 36" and weigh just under 30 pounds each.

Best For A Standard Home Garage

BendPak HD-9XL 4-Post Car Lift 9,000 Lb. Capacity

The BendPak 4-post standard car lift is ideal for home garages. One of its most impressive features is the 9000 pounds weight lifting capacity. This means you can lift small to midsize vehicles like sports cars, SUVs, and even small trucks.

Its performance is boosted by a 220V 2horspepower electric motor which gives it a lifting speed of 45 seconds. In addition, the electric and hydraulic power system contributes to its safety and functionality.

Also, on safety, the lift has 15 locking positions in each column. It has a maximum rise of 70" and an overall length of 224". Therefore, it is suitable for home garages with 188" X 19" X 4" dimensions.

4 post 9000lb car lift by Bendpak

Features & Specs

  • It has a wide drive-through design which paves the way for oversized vehicles in the loading area.
  • The 220V electric motor gives it a fast elevation speed, reaching maximum elevation in 45 seconds.
  • It features oversized self-lubricating cable rollers. These ensure smooth operation around the clock.
  • The adjustable runways accommodate the vehicle's specifications.
  • The 15 locking positions at each level contribute to the lift's safety.
  • The lift has a freestanding design. It doesn't require an exclusive platform for stability.
  • It comes with an optional caster for more effortless mobility within the working space.

Commercial Grade Garage Lift

Atlas Apex Commercial Grade Four Post Car Lift, 14,000lbs Capacity

The Atlas Apex 14,000 pound car lift is an outstanding piece of equipment, especially if you want to use it for commercial purposes or make your auto repair shop more professional.

The lift is a heavy-duty unit with overall durability from its 14000-pound lifting capacity. Its resilience is boosted even further by a powder coat finish on its structure.

The Atlas Apex commercial-grade car lift has a maximum lift limit of 76", a 133.66" overall width, and a 251.5" length. Its single-point lock release and a lock ladder design are also pretty safe to use. Even not-so-experienced users can run it perfectly with just a little orientation. It also features a double lock safety system and comes with mounting hardware.

Features & Specs

  • The adjustment screws and nuts allow you to set the loading platform at your desired elevation level.
  • It features a double lock safety system that secures the vehicle into places.
  • A strong power unit that powers the hydraulic system works perfectly.
  • An airlock release switch ensures the operation is efficient.
  • The ramp and loading platform are robust enough to support a wide range of vehicles.

Auto Lift 4-Post Car Lift

As a mechanic, you have to make an excellent first impression to get new clients and retain your existing ones. The Auto Lift 4-post car lift is designed to do precisely that. Its stunning looks and smooth operation give the best impression to mechanics and clients alike. Additionally, it is very user-friendly and has countless safety features.

One of its most outstanding features is its enclosed design. The redundant ladder lock safety system also ensures the safe operation of the lift, with an auto-engage locking bar ready to step in if a cable issue arises.

The lift's robust structure also contributes to its durability. You can notice this from the poles' integrity and other components like aircraft quality cables. These cables have a lifting capacity of 14 500 pounds and give the lift its 8000 pounds lifting capacity.

It functions as both a parking and maintenance lift. It is economical in space and can accommodate two vehicles as a parking lift.

Features & Specs

  •  It comes with a caster kit for more effortless mobility around the workspace.
  • It has a set of three drip trays which act as a reservoir for liquid and dirt that drip from the vehicle and prevent staining the floor.
  • The lift has numerous safety features, including aircraft-rated cables and a redundant ladder lock system. The system kicks in if there's a cable malfunction, which means the vehicle won't drop.
  • It has 10 locking levels, which means it can work fine on different heights depending on the car's dimensions.
  • The jack tool tray allows you to use a floor jack to raise a specific vehicle side.

Tuxedo FP9K Storage Four Post Car Lift

The Tuxedo FP9K is an excellent option for those looking for a high-capacity storage lift on a budget. The lift is another cable-driven 4-post lift designed for vehicle storage purposes. However, it features a few accessories that make it easy to use for maintenance. These accessories include a jack tray, four drip trays, and a poly caster kit to move it around.
The lift has a lifting capacity of 9000 pounds, which is more than sufficient for most cars, SUVs, and mini-0trucks. In addition, its wide and long dimensions, including a 188.5" extended runway, allow you to fit large vehicles without any issues.

A 115V 20 amp electric motor and comprehensive hydraulic system help the lift achieve its maximum lifting height of 85" in 100 seconds.

The Tuxedo FP9K is a great storage lift. Yes, the BendPak model might be a bit cheaper, but the Tuxedo comes ready with all the necessary accessories.

Features & Specs

  • It has an 85" maximum rise.
  • The 9000-pound maximum weight capacity means it can lift most cars.
  • The electric-hydraulic power system contributes to its safety.
  • It comes with a host of additional accessories.
  • It is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The long and vast dimensions of 239" X 134.5" X 97" and extended runway ensure it can accommodate vehicles less than 181" in wheelbase and 79" in width.

Portable 4 Post Car Lift

Aplus lift HW-8S Portable Car Storage Lift, 8000lbs Capacity

Portable four-post lifts are convenient for those who move a lot. The Aplus lift 8000-pound portable storage lift is an excellent example of these lifts. It is easy to set up and has a lifting capacity of 8000 pounds. This means that you can use it to store all these vehicles within this limit, such as SUVs, cars, and vans.

This lift's dimensions of 175" X 106" X 84" contribute to its flexibility. The maximum lifting height of 72" also gives it decent clearance at the bottom level, making it easy to store another vehicle. Additionally, it has a drive-through width of 93".

The lift is powered by an efficient 110V 1.5 horsepower electric motor and helps it achieve maximum height in just 40 seconds. It also features a powder coat on its surface, strengthening it with anti-corrosive properties.

Features & Specs

  • It achieves a lifting height of 72".
  • A powdered finishing with anti-corrosive properties enhances the lift's durability.
  • It features 10 lock positions, allowing you to work at your desired elevation.
  • There are three drip trays to contain liquid and dirt dripping from the hoisted vehicle.
  • It has a 110V 1.5 hp electric motor that helps it achieve maximum lift in an impressive 40 seconds.
  • The lift is portable, meaning you can move with it from one place to another. It is also effortless to install.
  • It also has a jack tray and approach ramps.

Tuxedo FP12KK Four Post Car Lift, 12,000lbs Capacity

The Tuxedo FP12KK 4-post lift is more on the premium end of the scale. It has an industrial-grade steel structure with welded seams and boxed posts.

This four-post lift uses an electric-hydraulic power system rated to lift vehicles weighing up to 12000 pounds. This means you can easily lift any car, truck, or SUV. To give you a clear picture of how massive this Capacity is, the 2021 Ford F-150 weighs 6000 pounds max. So, in theory, you can lift two of them at once.

However, if you buy this car lift, take your time choosing a place to install it. This is because Tuxedo doesn't offer a caster kit for this lift, making it hard to move it once it is installed.

As a result of the extended dimensions, superior build quality, and higher lifting capacity, the FP12KK is perfect for repair shops and other professional workspaces. The manufacturer recommends this 4-post lift for commercial use, but nothing stops you from installing it in your home garage.

Features & Specs

  • The electric-hydraulic power system gives the lift a 67.5" maximum lift.
  • It has an impressive 12000-pound lifting capacity.
  • It can accommodate cars with less than 176" in wheelbase and 77" in width.
  • Its powder coating acts as a protective layer against corrosion or rust.
  • It has a clean construction with hydraulic equipment hidden under the runway.
  • The lift has an easy-to-use lever release system.

Atlas 414 Commercial Grade Four Post Lift, 14000lbs Capacity

The Atlas 414 14000 pound commercial-grade 4-post lift incorporates sturdy construction and decorative features. This lift is the ultimate statement of professionalism, where you can enjoy its adaptability, evident from a lifting capacity of 14000 pounds. This means it can support small to slightly heavy vehicles like vans and medium-sized trucks. You can also notice its strength from the powder-coated finish that makes it robust and durable as it is rust and corrosion-resistant.

There is also a high-strength cable system that helps in weight support. Its hardiness coupled with an air-operated single-point lock release unit, automatic off-switch, and lock ladder design makes the lift safer.

The lift has a 72" maximum lift, giving you enough clearance to park a second car in the lower level. The under runway hydraulic cylinder receives a tremendous power boost from the 220V single-phase motor.

Features & Specs

  • The lift has impressive width, providing ample drive through the breadth and comfortably accommodating larger vehicles.
  • It has a maximum elevation of 77", which provides clearance under the car for tuning and parking.
  • The included mounting hardware streamlines the loading process.
  • It features a top-notch safety system with an automatic shut-off system and lock ladder column design. The runways are diamond plated and provide extra grip to the loaded vehicle.
  • It has beefed-up posts with a powder-coat finish, which increases its durability and rust resistance.
  • The lift features an air-operated single-point release.

Factors to consider when buying a 4-post car lift

When buying a 4-post car lift, there are several factors you need to consider. The most important considerations are the weight of the vehicle you want to lift and the type of vehicle. Not all car lifts can handle every type of car, so it's important to be sure the lift can do what you need it to. You should also think about how much space you have in your garage and whether you want a model that can fold up for easy storage.

That said, here are the main things you should consider when shopping for a 4-post car lift.

Safety Features

A car lift carries massive weight and can be a huge safety hazard if not used correctly. Fortunately, modern car lifts have many safety features that prevent cars from freefalling towards the ground when putting you car on the lift or when in use.

Although such cases are rare, these systems could still fail. So, ensure you buy a lift with a multilayered safety system.

Lift Weight Capacity

Most 4-post car lifts come with different weight limit values. So you have to be really keen on the height and weight value of the lift to ensure you buy one that matches the vehicle class you deal in.

You're better off buying a higher weight limit than a lower one as a dense mass on a lower weight limit lift can trigger structural issues. You should also buy a lift with a high maximum lift if you want to use it to park two cars.

Price Of The Lift

Another vital factor to consider when buying a car lift is its price. The lifts come at different price points, with the ones that have outstanding attributes such as powerful motors and safety features being pricy. Therefore, it is best to buy a car lift that matches your budget to prevent messing up your finances.

With a set budget, find a lift within the budget range. Be on the lookout for discounts and offers to get a bargain on the best features. You can also try your luck with second-hand dealers, but be careful not to buy worn-out or faulty equipment.

In addition to the price, consider any warranties or discounts you get when you buy the car lift.

The Space Available In Your Shop/Garage

It is also essential to consider the space at your workshop or garage. 4-post lifts come in different dimensions, and to be economical with your space, you need to find one that corresponds to the available area. A small lift, or possibly a portable one, will be the best option if you have limited space.

Lift Power System

Almost all modern 4-post car lifts are powered by a unique hydraulic-electric system consisting of a small hydraulic unit and an AC motor. However, various other components go into lifting your vehicle. You should ensure that the whole power system is hardy and reliable.

Runway Dimensions

In 4-post car lifts, the term "runway" refers to the platform where your vehicle rests when it's on the lift. There are two runways, and they primarily determine the length of the vehicle the lift can accommodate.

Apart from length, you should consider the usable width to ensure your vehicle can fit without any issues. Remember to keep some room to act as a buffer when considering these dimensions.

Installation Procedure

Some lifts, like the portable models, are effortless to install. As a result, any novice with decent skills and some time on their hands can do it in a few hours.

However, more complex lifts require professional installation, which can cost upwards of $500. So, it's always important to go through the installation guide before purchase to decide if you will save the money and install it yourself. If not, you should also add the installation costs to your budget.

That said, don't hesitate to ask for expert advice if you have doubts about your installation as an incorrectly installed lift poses a massive risk to everyone working around it. See our guide on how thick the concrete base should be for a car lift.

Your Intended Use For The Lift

Unlike the 2-post car lift, a 4-post car lift can be used for storage and parking. This use is evident as there's ample space left after the elevation podium goes up.

If you only intend to use the elevator for storage, you don't need to buy the highest spec model. However, if you want to use it for servicing, parking and storage, you'll need to purchase one with all the corresponding features.

Add On Accessories

As a mechanic, you might appreciate the presence of accessories in your equipment. For a car lift, accessories mean increased functionality.

The essential accessories for 4-post car lifts include boosted safety features and antiskid runways. There are also jack and drip trays with the option of a caster kit to help you move your elevation kit around your garage.

Durability & Strength

One more feature you shouldn't overlook is durability. After all, such an expensive investment should be able to last you a couple of years at least.

Look at the finishing and make sure it is strong enough for the workplace environment. You can also take it a step further and learn how to troubleshoot the car lift during maintenance to improve its longevity.


A 4-post car lift is one of the best car lifts you can use. They are very popular with mechanics because of their stability and user-friendliness. The list above highlights some of the best 4-post lifts you can get in the market today.

When looking for a car lift, revisit the consideration points which act as a buyer's guide to help you get the best equipment. Some of the essential factors to consider include durability, price, and intended use for the lift. Also, remember to be keen on the dimensions to ensure your garage will accommodate the lift.

Four Post Lifts; FAQs

How high should a garage be to accommodate a 4-post car lift?

Although there are no established standards on how high a garage should be to accommodate a 4-post car lift, it is easy to find out if your garage is high enough. Simply measure the height of both the vehicles you want to store in the garage, sum the two values and add about three feet to the final figure to make a buffer zone. The result is roughly how high your garage ceiling should be.

Is a four-post lift better than a two-post lift?

This depends on a few factors. For example, if you're looking for a service lift to use in a repair shop, a 2-post lift is better because it gives you more access to the vehicle's underbody and takes less space.

However, if you're looking for a storage lift or a multipurpose one that mixes storage, parking, and maintenance, a 4-post lift is the best option. For one, it has more safety features than a 2-post lift as it offers the vehicle more support. Secondly, it's much easier to operate. All you need to do is drive the vehicle to the ramp and push a button.

Do 4-post lifts need reinforced concrete?

Some 4-post car lift manufacturers will specify floor requirements before installing their products. Things like concrete density and thickness are likely to be mentioned.

However, not all lifts need to be fixed into the ground. This is especially true for portable models and those with caster kits to move them around. Still, it's important to read the manufacturer's instructions before installing a 4-post car kit.

What is the maximum lifting weight in a workplace environment?

The maximum lifting weight depends on several factors, mainly the vehicles you deal in. The typical upper limit is 14000 to 18000 pounds, although it can reach a maximum of 39000 to 41000 pounds for large buses.

Who makes the best car lifts?

Depending on your budget and specifications, many car lift manufacturers can provide you with the best equipment. Some manufacturers with the best 4-post elevators include BendPak, Dannmar, Triumph & Atlas, among others.

How much is a 4-post car lift?

Like most other garage equipment, there is no exact fixed price for four-post lifts. Instead, the price depends on several factors, the most important one being its features.

The price ranges from $2000 on the more budget models with limited features to more than $4000 for the lifts with high weight limits and advanced features.

For all our products see our full car lift collection, two post lift page, plus other brands such as Maxjax lifts.

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