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Cantek JEN60 (3PH) Drawer Notcher Machine JEN-60Cantek JEN60 (3PH) Drawer Notcher Machine JEN-60

About Our Machines

Need to add extra storage to a drawer cabinet or cupboard? Our drawer notcher machines make this easier and more efficient than ever before. Our drawer notcher machines are easy to operate, and you can easily add an undermount soft-close drawing slide in only 10 seconds.

In fact, our machines are capable of notching as many as 220 drawers per hour! Intelligent design is in the heart of our drawer notcher machines. For example, your machine won’t cycle unless there’s a drawer up against the switch for your safety, the drill can automatically position itself for drawer notches when you activate its switch, and much more.

Check them out - we’re very confident that our drawer notcher machines can completely change how you add undermount hardware to your containers.

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