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Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer that you can use to remove loose paint, grime, mild mud, dust, and dirt from surfaces and objects.

When some things get dirty, you can't clean them simply by soap water or a garden hose. That's where Pressure Washers come into the picture. Pressure Washers are like a mix of garden hose and air compressors. It usually had a gas-fueled engine or electrically powered motor that powers a water pump. The pump then accelerated the water supplied from a hose to produce high pressure. There is a water gun at the end of the hose. When you pull the trigger, the water mixes with the air and comes out of the nozzle.

In this way, pressure Washers can blast things clean with pressurized water jets and can work with about 75 times higher pressure than a garden hose. In fact, if you want to do delicate cleaning, you can also set it to low pressure and gently spray it over the surface. Moreover, Pressure Washers use considerably less water than when you use a garden hose or open hosepipe to clean. So not only can you clean the dirtiest places quickly using a Pressure Washer, but you can also save water and do a favor to our environment.

If you want to buy a Pressure Washer, don't forget to take the PSI (Pounds per sq inch) and GPM (Gallons per minute) into account for your needs. The first one tells you the power to penetrate dirt and grime, while the second one determines the power to break down dirt and wash it away. The higher the numbers are, the faster you can clean. You can also find different types of nozzles, for example, one that emits water in a fan pattern or one in a cone pattern. For more information, don't hesitate to contact our team.