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Concrete Buggies

When you're working on a job site that isn't accessible to your concrete truck, you have two options. One is to get your wheelbarrow and shift the concrete to the site manually. It's a good workout, but it's inefficient.

Your second option is to use a concrete buggy (also known as a power buggy or motorized wheelbarrow). Our concrete buggy range has all the answers to your job site needs. From machines with sturdy foam-filled tires for general use to tracked concrete buggy options that will enable you to transport loads on troublesome surfaces, we know we've got the power buggy you need to make your work easier.

A concrete buggy is a type of motorized wheelbarrow. It typically features: 

Hydrostatic drive — to carry heavy loads with relatively little fuel usage. 
Simple steering — makes operation simple and gives you total control 
A stop brake — allows you to park the machine once you're ready to deposit the concrete. 
Foot and hand levers for the bucket — lets you dump materials exactly where you want them

 Our machines are all designed for easy use and maximum efficiency. Check out the best options for your needs and find a solution to make your work so much easier. We only source from leading manufacturers to ensure you and your team get the quality you deserve. 

A power buggy transports materials from your truck to the job site. It can hold a lot more than a regular wheelbarrow and means you don't have to risk your health lugging heavy loads back and forth. It also speeds up the transport process, giving you more time to focus on the job. 

A power buggy is a lot more than just a motorized wheelbarrow. Our options include:

 • Wheeled buggies. As one of the most common concrete buggy types, these guys transport heavy loads on job sites where the ground is even enough for wheels. Their powerful foam-filled tires allow them to hold around 6x the volume of concrete that a wheelbarrow can hold.
 • Tracked concrete buggy. A tracked concrete buggy is perfect for job sites where the ground is uneven or soft (think sand or mud). Their aggressive track pattern enabling the transport of heavy loads over difficult surfaces makes them far more effective than a wheelbarrow in these conditions. 

Our range of machines includes smaller, lighter-weight options perfect for domestic jobs and heavy-duty models for large-scale projects. Browse our selection of wheeled and tracked concrete buggy options to discover the perfect machine for your needs. Reduce the time your business takes to complete jobs by choosing from our range of concrete buggies.

Our machines can hold loads of up to 3,200lbs of concrete. For reference, a wheelbarrow generally holds around 500lbs maximum. We know that it's tempting to overload wheelbarrows with the maximum possible volume, but you'll risk not only spillage but also your safety.  

Smaller options typically hold less weight but are easier to maneuver in tight spaces. As such, they're for domestic job sites where you may need to move through gates or even narrow spaces in buildings.

A motorized wheelbarrow features variable hydrostatic drive, enabling you to move safely from your truck to the job site. These machines typically range from 0-7mph, meaning that you can transport materials quickly when you need to. But you can also move as slowly and carefully as you need to in tight spaces.

 Speed is easy to control, and the machines tend to move faster than you can with a heavy wheelbarrow. Browse our collection to find the option that works best for your job site.

There are four main power buggy types: 

Walk-Behind — a great option for smaller jobs where maneuverability is essential.
Ride-on — perfect if you have to travel further from the truck to the job site 
Sit-on — comes with a seat and is ideal if you need to make many trips. 
Robotic — comes with a remote that lets you add automation to any job site

Lower chance of injuries. Lugging a heavy wheelbarrow full of concrete provides many opportunities to injure yourself. A motorized wheelbarrow can minimize this risk. 
Less hassle. Tired of pushing a 500lb wheelbarrow through the muddy ground on a hot day? It's grim work. Motorized wheelbarrows come with an aggressive track pattern, enabling them to move heavy loads easily. 
More efficient. Your clients love it when you get jobs done fast. Enhance your business's reputation for quick, professional work with our range of options. 

Shop Our Concrete Buggy Collection Today

If you're looking to improve your construction business, you should consider our range of power buggy options. Improve efficiency with machinery that: 

• Can carry huge loads compared to a wheelbarrow 
• Comes with options ranging from strong foam-filled tires to a heavy-duty tracked concrete buggy 
• Is very easy to operate 

Purchase the best motorized wheelbarrow available from our collection page today.