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Stump Grinders

If you have a pesky stump that you need to remove from your property, you might find yourself stuck with trying a number of removal options. One of the most unique ways that you can remove old stumps from your property comes with the help of a powered stump grinder. A stump grinder can provide you with eight tooling options that will automatically remove cuttings and grind through a stump in just minutes. If you’ve been trying to remove the stump using traditional means like taking it out, chemical treatments or with a winch, using a stump grinder can handle all of your stump removal needs.

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The cutting teeth of a stump grinder are produced using a carbide tipped blade system. Larger stump grinders are capable of removing up to 24 inches of stump with above ground cutting capacity. These grinders can take to your stump and remove the wood in quick and powered fashion. Using diesel power or electric power, stump grinders can quickly make work of your stump feature and then feed the excess waste out of the stump grinder to be used for mulch or to be removed from your property completely.

If you are interested in a stump grinder at your property today, consider the option of contacting our staff today. We can make it easier for you to remove a stump and to manage the waste components across your property as well. Through our assistance, we will be able to help you get a stump grinder that can meet your needs. Contact our team today and we will provide you with the stump removal support that is required to help you remove a pesky stump from your property.