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Car Lifts - Two & Four Post

The car lift is one of the resources you can invest in to build a worthy auto working business. Working under a vehicle can be tedious. This is where the car lift comes in handy.

The car lift is a piece of machinery that lifts cars off the ground vertically. Check out our range below. Top brans we sell are BendPak car lifts, Dannmar lifts, and MaxJax car lifts. See also our full rang of two post models and four post models.


A Must Have Piece Of Equipment

Going under the car is complex because visibility is limited, and there is a chance of being hurt or disorganized. As a result, if you own an auto shop, this is a must-have piece of equipment. One of the most significant investments you can make for your auto shop or garage is a car lift. In most service and repair bays, it is one of the most popular pieces on display. They're an essential part of vehicle maintenance and repair; they're used more than any other piece of equipment in your shop daily.

Some of more popular brands of Car lifts include Bendpak Lifts, Dannmar Lifts, MaxJax Lifts, & Titan Lifts. 

A Leverage Your Garage Space

A car lift is also an excellent option for a garage with inadequate storage space for your cars. Car lifts have several advantages to car owners. People often use car lifts for garages because of their comfort and the opportunity to use the available space. For the comfort and practicality they provide, homeowners with a lack of parking space in their garage are moving to a car lift. People who love being hands-on with their vehicle's upkeep will appreciate a car lift's flexibility. The excellent mobility provided by a car lift makes maintenance and repairs on the underside of your car much more manageable.

Car lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Still, most of them fall into one of two categories depending on how they engage the vehicle: wheel engaging car lifts and frame employing car lifts. Four Post Car Lifts (wheel engaging) and Two Post Car Lifts are the most common auto lifts in each group (frame engaging). Specialty lifts, including car scissor lifts, portable car lifts, mobile column lifts, in-ground lifts, and parking lifts, are less popular car lifts. Consider the many advantages of installing a  car lift for garage; if you plan to get one for yourself, contact our team to learn more.

Popular Questions About Our Car Lifts

Below you can see popular questions we get asked about these products.

What Brands Of Lifts Do You Sell?

We sell some of the best brands of stump grinders from leading commercial & industrial stump grinder manufacturers. Some of the premium two posts and four posts car lifts in our catalog are:

  • BendPak car lifts
  • Dannmar lifts
  • MaxJax car lifts

How Do Your Lifts Work?

In general, all car lifts use a hydraulic system. The system comprises a fluid-reliant piston mounted inside a rigid non-deforming cylinder known as the hydraulic ram.
An electric motor then pumps the fluid  (mainly oil) inside the cylinder tank to create pressure.

As the pressure builds up in the cylinder, the fluid pushes against the piston. This action generates enough force to move the lift (and the car) upwards. It firmly holds in place until the actions of the pump again withdraw the fluid and pressure.

Some car lifts have cylinders and pistons on one side, while others have them on both sides of the car lift.

Who Makes The Best Lifts?

BendPak is one of the most established car lift companies. Their automotive lift includes two-post lifts, four-post lifts, parking lifts, alignment lifts, and mobile column lifts. Their car lifts are renowned for thicker columns, better-gripping rise platforms, longer runways, and wider base plates.

Their lifting components are also better built and heavier-duty. They have extra accessories, adapter kits, and built-in safety devices that make for safer, longer-lasting machines with minimal operator maintenance.

What Capacity Are Your Lifts?

The car lifts we offer can handle car weights ranging from 1,000 pounds to over 40,000 pounds. If you would like to know more about car lift capacities, please contact our car equipment specialists, and we will be happy to assist you with your purchase. We can also recommend and help you find a car lift that will meet and even exceed your car lifting needs.

Where Can I Find More Information On How To Use Them?

The car lift manufacturers produce a series of car lift manuals that provide detailed instructions on operating each car lift safely and efficiently. These car lift manuals are available from the manufacturer. You can also contact us directly, and we will be happy to send you a copy and give you tips and advice on operating your car lifting equipment safely.