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Geith Excavator Pallet Forks

Oliver planer

Truck delivery was good.I unloaded it with my forklift

Oliver planer

Smooth, quiet, powerful, best planer I have ever had.

Castle tsm 12

Item was exactly as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. Would recommend this company.

The Best!

Great machine
Can't go wrong with Bartell. I actually used it today for the first time. Worked as it should. Delivery was prompt and everything was in order. Easy assemble. Thanks Landmark and Bartell!

This saw is amazing

I bought the Landmark Tools hydraulic limb saw as a homeowner, because I have a four acre yard with eight large oak trees that need trimming up, so my tractor cab won't hit the low hanging branches. We also have 120 Leyland Cyprus trees that border our property, and they contracted a fungus a couple of years ago, so they are all in the process of dying. Needless to say, I have much tree work to do. This saw was exactly what I needed. It is a beast. The thing I love most about this saw, is not having to deal with keeping a chain tight, sharp, etc. The blade cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. My tractor is a John Deere 3320 eHydro, and this saw works perfectly with the front hydraulics that I have for a grapple. I wish I would have bought this years ago, since like everything else, the price of tree work has gone thru the roof. I use a GoPro camera mounted on my bucket, and streamed thru an iPad, to prevent having to sit at awkward angles to see what I am doing. The entire setup works great.

Lift Gate - $50
David Kukovich

I received the Kunz mower in perfect condition.

Cuts very well, real happy with it. Shipping crate was very solid, mower was damage free, and received it on time Great quality, and very good people to talk to at Kunz.

Product is awesome

Product is awesome shipping sucked. The freight company had gotten one digit incorrect on my address and I had to wait nearly a week after expected arrival.

Trailer is easy to assemble - have at least 2 to help rotate the trailer. I did it by myself and that was tough for a 150lb dude

Boy was I Wrong!

My first thoughts on the Limbsaw was that it would take a lot of maintenance and be very limited in performance. But I bought one anyway and was instantly impressed with the quality construction and how it was engineered. It looked like something I would have built. Boy was I wrong! I used my Limbsaw 6 days a week for a little over a month trimming limbs around our fields. I couldn't be happier with its performance. I used to stand in the loader bucket with a chainsaw and getting in position to actually cut the limb was a chore - and very unsafe. I can snake the Limbsaw into place in less than half the time. Very maneuverable!! I’ve printed off about three flyers to give my neighbors as they inquired about how I was getting the fence rows done this fast. I highly recommend it!

Best chipper for the price.

It really gobbles up the 2 and 3 inch ash juniper and I can force the bigger stuff down its throat with a littler effort. We’ll built, runs like a champ, and easy to service.

My only complaint is the unavailability of Original Manufacturer blades. I’m sure it’s temporary bull I’ll need them soon may have buy after markets.

Everything we wanted and needed

The pressure washer arrived pretty quickly. It was palletized and shrink wrapped lovingly. easy to assemble and a beautiful end product. have not had a chance to use yet, but I know it will do the job we need it to. Very fairly priced as well. The team back at their office were extremely helpful and friendly. If you have a need for any type of pressure washer these are the folks for you. I am so pleased with the ease of ordering, shipping and assembling, that they have to bump up the number of stars to ten.

My crew said it is a nice unit.

hello super happy and grateful for the speed of delivery very good machine thank you

Great machine

Very solid, heavy machine. Watched multi-part assembly video on YouTube had no problem with setup. Had to wait few days for my 3/4 re saw king blade. Once I got the blade I was off and running…

Benchmark Lift

The product is awesome
But I paid for tailgate delivery $95 and it was up 8 ft on the back of a trailer I also had to rent a forklift for $40 I sent Landmarks an Email and requested a credit and I got no response.

Swenson Shear 48” Heavy Duty Metal Roof and Sheet Metal Pivot Shear M48

Just what we needed. Thank you

SG10 slab saver

Very nice working equipment, traded it out for older models , it was a coworker’s recommendation and well worth it! No issues with shipment tracking or anything from the company!

Oliver 20" HH Planer

Machine was well packed and easy to assemble. Well alienated right out of the box. Very nice machine.

Nice machine a fast shipping

I am happy with my machine and it was shipped quickly

Love this chipper

I did a lot of research before I settled on this wood chipper, it had everything I wanted, it can handle 5 inch diameter branches, huge motor, electric start, push button shut off and much more. I ordered this chipper on a Sunday and my chipper was shipped out the following day, plus they had the better price, plus they included all the extras at no extra cost. My only complaint, which is no fault of Landmark Tools, is that because we live in a rural area, it took 10 days to finally get it delivered. I love it, so do my neighbors who want to borrow it, my reply, get your own!!!

Great job.

Just received it so too early to tell about the machine. But, as far as Landmark's part. It was $50 less than Woodcraft wanted and you didn't charge me a delivery fee which they also wanted. On top of that; it arrived within the delivery window given. Couldn't be more pleased. Will definitely use Landmark again as I have need.

Great Chipper

If you are considering this chipper, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. Been using it for a few months now and no regrets.

liver DriPress

Very sturdy and I like the depth gauge ... seemingly accurate and strong. Took a while to get here ... ordered it last year, but finally it arrived and thank you for keeping me abreast of the delays. John M