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PowerKing 3" Chipper

I've used this machine for about 4 hours and am pretty impressed. I do have a couple of suggestions to make it even better. Put the same type of spring latches on the discharge chute as on the intake chute. The washer/lock washer/lock-nut combination is tedious to remove to clear jams. The drum access plate could also use a better fastener that can be removed and replaced without a wrench. The last suggestion is to move the engine recoil cord so that it can be started from the rear of the machine instead of having to stand in front of the discharge chute when starting. In its current configuration I have twice found the hot muffler to be a convenient place to brace my left hand while pulling the cord with my right....Ouch.

Working great, good compressor!

Starts up smooth and pumps a lot of air. Haven't had to use the full capacity yet, but will be putting it to the test when we need to run a second piece of equipment. Currently only using about half the air capacity that this unit can produce. There were a few minor issues encountered - the oil pressure relief had to be adjusted down some because the oil pressure was over-pegging the gauge when first started up, but it was easy to adjust the relief valve. Support helped us out with that issue promptly.

Hi. We have not had a chance to use it yet. Can you tell me if you have another one that I can buy. Thank you sherry

Best reversible in the price range

Great quality, and fraction the price of a weber

This grinder is worth the money VERY pleased..only complaint is I was told it came with an extra set of teeth, recieved the grinder with no extra set of teeth

It was great! Recommend for anyone to order.

Great kit, easy to built. Great price!

Great tool

I have loved my grinder. I am not very mechanically inclined so it took a little longer for me to assemble (about 2 hours total), but not a difficult task. As others have stated, double check all of the bolts and nuts to make sure they are tight. Once I got it together and checked all the bolts it fired up right away. I have used it for 3 days and have not had any issues. Grinds the stumps quickly and once I found my groove/rhythm it was not overly taxing on the old body. Check the teeth bolts before each use as they can vibrate loose. I would recommend based my experience so far.

I am having troubles with the clutch engage/disengage switch. It keeps popping out. The design is poor and can't get it to stay in.

PowerKing Stump Grinder

I was impressed with how the grinder works. It cut right through the stumps with no problem. Although after 3.2 hours of use the clutch went out. I called customer service and they were great. No hassle or attitude they just asked a few questions, I sent them a picture of the broken part and within a few days a replacement part was delivered. Really impressed with the customer service.

Well worth it,

This chipper is the perfect size. It works extremely well and David at Landmark was a big help. It arrives in a wooden crate and you will need some help putting it together. All though I managed by myself. Great chipper!!! Get the wider wheel base


How you guys want me to write a review about my purchase that I haven't receive yet.?

No review

The freight company hasn’t delivered it yet

Number 1 chipper

Very good at chipping branches wish it would be better at shredding cardboard. The extras that came with the machine was very good marketing on your part

Panel Saw

The communication was very good. The packaging of the product was less.than I expected. There were 2 boxes in the shipment. All good and recommended so far!

Trailer You Need

Overall good quality sturdy constuction. Good welds throuhout. Good hardware and axle. Wheels and tires good. Had some minor issues with connectors for lights.

Dk2 Trailer

The trailer appears to be above average in material, if one compares it to others available at other box stores. It is certainly much better value than those. It is smallish, but I think can fairly easily be made "longer" by making the front fold down a permanent platform and sides.


All good, but you need to list more Blum machine parts in your parts search engine. After all I'm glad to get this from a good and easy to contact company.

Best RipSaw!

I was pleasantly surprised the straight line rip saw showed up as early as it did, and I was able and happy to accommodate 3-day notice and a Sunday delivery suggested by the carrier.

Monster Table Saw

Easy to navigate. Exceeded the job outcome you've expected. This masterpiece is a game changer!

Missing Part

There was a missing part on my order. Please call [****] so I can send a pic of what was missing!

Not received yet

I still haven’t received it yet 😩

How long to deliver to new Rochelle New York 10801

Automatic Edgebander

Make sure the glue you get is fresh. It has a shelf life and old glue is not good. The fence to the right of the glue cylinder has to be adjusted correctly. You will have to make a spacer if you band thin strips of wood that are less than about 2.5 inches as the first runner is more than an inch or so from the cylinder.