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100% Free Shipping On ALL Orders!

Quality Power Trowels

Browse our range of power trowels online to purchase in this collection. Available in gas or propane models. For specific models, check out the Bartell Global power trowels, and also our ride on models. You can view this article on our guide on how to use a power trowel.


Power trowels allow you to consolidate, gloss, and finish the concrete. Unlike with hand tools, you can strengthen and finish far faster with this machine.  

When you pour concrete, troweling is necessary to further consolidate the concrete and squeeze any excess water and laitance out. The process will also bring the “cream” of the concrete to the surface of the slab.  

All of this not only makes for stronger concrete but also gives concrete its final finish and makes the concrete nicer to look at. Concrete that isn't properly troweled will weaken quickly and not have the classic finish of newly done concrete. 

A small amount of concrete can be finished with hand-held, non-engined powered tools. However, medium to large size concrete areas are best finished by a power trowel to get the job done quickly and correctly. 

 There are two aspects to the concrete finishing process that you get with this machine: floating and finishing.  

• Floating levels the concrete by breaking down the hills and filling the valleys. It also compacts the concrete and brings any of the concrete's cream to the top. 
• Once the floating is done, you will switch to finishing. At this point, the finishing blades that are straight and flat will further level while producing a completely flat and dense surface.

A key step to engine-powered troweling is knowing when it's time to trowel. If you trowel too soon, the concrete will be too wet to be leveled and finished. If you wait too long, the concrete will have already hardened, and the power trowel will not be able to work effectively.  

Unfortunately, we can't give you a precise amount of time to wait before using the machine. This is because all concrete behaves differently based on the weather. Factors that affect concrete drying include temperature, humidity, and wind.  

However, there is a simple way to see when concrete is ready to be troweled. Once the concrete has been laid, you'll notice liquid rising to the surface which we call “bleed water”. Watch this, as when the water is gone, it's time to use the power trowel.  

Timing will vary. But typically this process can last anywhere from just half an hour to 5 hours. So don't go too far from the concrete when letting it set before using the power trowel. 

With so many power trowels to choose from, you'll see many differences between them all. However, the biggest thing that separates all these machines comes down to ride on power trowels vs. walk behind power trowels.  

So before you look into any of a machine's specifications, engine power, or price, you first need to decide which type you want.  To help you decide, we have all the information on the difference between a ride on and walk behind machines below. 

A ride on power trowel is typically a far larger version of these machines. This will feature two counter-rotating rotors. Expect to get four to five blades per rotor.  

The key feature of a ride on is that the operator will sit in a chair on the machine to operate it. The chair is between the rotors and has levers to steer.  

Because of the size of the machine and the position of the operator, jobs will be completed far more quickly with a ride on. This makes it ideal for larger, commercial jobs.  

But for all this force and speed, a ride on will be a more expensive purchase. So you will need the capital to invest in a ride on power trowel.  Why get a ride on machine? 

• Finish jobs more quickly 
• Earn more with this machine by giving you time for more jobs

Rather than sitting on the machine and driving it with levers, a walk behind will require the operator to walk the machine and guide it from the back. Walk behind machines will also only have one rotor. This means that jobs will take longer than with a ride on power trowel.  

Walk behind power trowels are not best for jobs bigger than 5,000 square feet. However, there are many benefits for walk behind machines.  

To begin with, a walk behind trowel is much more affordable for everyone including homeowners, contractors, and small businesses. It is also better for tight spaces and can flatten any obstacles like concrete around pipes, doors, columns, and more.  

They are also more accessible for indoor concrete and basements where it would be a hassle to find access for a ride on. There are also easier to transport from one location to another.  Here are some reasons you may choose the walk behind power trowel:

• Affordable
• Better for tight spaces 
• Easy transportation 
• Best for indoor spaces

When getting your own power trowel, you have a lot of options. While variety is great for finding the best machine for you, it can also be overwhelming. But to keep things simple, we recommend you look out for a couple of components when selecting a power trowel. 

Powerful Engine

The more powerful and reliable the engine, the longer and better your power trowel will work for you. A machine with the best engine may be a little more expensive, but will pay dividends in performance.  The last thing you want is for your concrete to be ready to go, but need to go on a desperate search for a power trowel at the last moment while your concrete hardens. So it's better to buy one machine with a top-tier engine once than need to replace a power trowel often! So looking for a lot of horsepower from a reliable brand will ensure a great machine for you.  

Safety Features

Most power trowels will have a safety feature that includes an immediate power switch. In the case of an emergency, quickly killing the engine is important. So make sure your machine has a cut-off or dead man's switch, so you can immediately stop the powerful, spinning blades when necessary.  


The more complicated a machine, the more likely things are to go wrong. So when looking for a power trowel, select one that is simple to operate. You'll need a machine with a responsive, quick clutch and pulley system for smooth speed transitions.  

Lifting Support

Walk behind power trowels often weigh over 200 pounds. Because of that, you'll want to make sure the machine has features that can allow you to more easily maneuver it. When you see these machines with lifting hooks or lifting handles, you'll know you can use it far more easily and safely than a trowel without them! 

Now that you know everything about how to use and select a power trowel, it's time to find the best one for you. We offer a wide variety of power trowels so that you can find exactly what you're looking for. Take a look at our power trowels, and get ready for the easiest and fastest concrete job you've ever done! 

Features Of Our Power Trowels

Power Trowels, also known as power floats and troweling machines, are a kind of light construction equipment used to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs. They also help to duck out any excess water out of the concrete, thus preventing it from any future cracks. So power trowels can create level, smooth concrete surfaces such as a patio slab or interior floor.