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Power Trowels

Power Trowels, also known as power floats and troweling machines, are a kind of light construction equipment used to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs. They also help to duck out any excess water out of the concrete, thus preventing it from any future cracks. So power trowels can create level, smooth concrete surfaces such as a patio slab or interior floor.

They come in two types- a ride-on power trowel that will allow you to sit on the machine and control it with levers, and the walk-behind power trowel which you will have to control by walking behind it. A power trowel makes the work of polishing concrete so much simple, time-saving, and efficient. In fact, it ensures an average labor reduction of 75% compared to the transitional planetary grinding. It will also minimize your average tooling cost per square foot. So you can enjoy minimal start-up costs with a big return by investing in power trowels by attracting bigger jobs and satisfying customers. It has the ability to complete 10k+ square feet per hour grit, which means it's much faster compared to hand troweling. So you will be giving your customers what they want much quicker.

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One of the best things about power trowels is the amount of safety it provides. Since it works in a wet process, the risk of airborne silica hazard is eliminated, which makes it safe for both yourself and your team members. Power trowels are easy to move around as they are quite lightweight. It's true that manual troweling is quite effective, but you will never get the same kind of quality result from hand troweling as you will by using a power trowel.

So investing in power trowels is definitely worth it for your company. If you decide to power trowels for yourself, feel free to contact our team for more information.