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About These Machines

When you need to quickly level an entire slab of concrete, getting yourself a concrete screed is the way to go. This machine has been designed to flatten a surface by dispersing the concrete with its vibrations. Just a pass on the concrete, and you'll be left with a slab that's as even and as smooth as can be.

The best thing about this device is that it's very easy to transport, operate, and maneuver. As a result, you'll be able to complete all jobs on your own with no help needed from others. Discover our selection of vibrating concrete screeds at Landmark Tools, designed to simplify the process of leveling and smoothing concrete surfaces. Our vibrating screeds are equipped with powerful motors that generate high-frequency vibrations, allowing for efficient consolidation of concrete and the removal of air bubbles to achieve a smooth finish. With their robust construction and user-friendly features, Bartell screeds make concrete leveling projects faster and easier, allowing you to complete jobs with confidence and precision.

Moreover, its results are always reliable and reproducible, so you won't have to worry about user error very much. So, get yourself a concrete screed now and spare yourself the trouble. Explore our range of aluminum concrete screeds at Landmark Tools, designed to provide durability, stability, and precision in concrete leveling applications. Our aluminum screeds offer lightweight yet sturdy construction, making them ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Our collection of truss screeds offers superior performance and durability, making them ideal for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

What is a Concrete Screed? 

A concrete screed is a tool used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete. It consists of a flat board, typically made of wood or aluminum, which is dragged across the surface of the wet concrete to smooth it and remove excess material. The screed is typically used in conjunction with a straight edge, such as a 2x4 or a metal ruler, which is placed along the edges of the poured concrete to guide the screed.

The purpose of screeding concrete is to ensure that the surface of the concrete is smooth and level, with a consistent thickness. This is important for the overall appearance and structural integrity of the finished concrete slab. Screeding also helps to remove excess concrete, which can save time and material costs. Introducing our collection of one-man concrete screeds, designed to streamline the concrete leveling process for solo contractors and small crews. These innovative tools are engineered for efficiency and ease of use, allowing one person to effectively level and finish concrete surfaces with precision.

There are several types of concrete screeds, including hand screeds, vibrating screeds, and power screeds. Hand screeds are the most basic type, and are typically used for small or irregularly shaped areas. Vibrating screeds use a motorized vibration mechanism to help level and smooth the concrete, while power screeds use a small gasoline engine or electric motor to drive the screeding process. Vibrating screeds use a motorized vibration mechanism to help level and smooth the concrete.

Discover the versatility and efficiency of our 12-ft concrete screeds, designed to meet the demands of large-scale concrete leveling projects. Whether you're pouring sidewalks, driveways, or warehouse floors, these high-quality screeds offer the precision and performance needed to achieve professional results across expansive surfaces. Our gas-powered screeds are engineered with robust engines and advanced vibration systems, allowing contractors and professionals to achieve superior concrete leveling results with ease. Achieve precise and efficient concrete leveling with our 16-foot concrete screeds at Landmark Tools. Designed for professional contractors and construction crews, our 16-foot screeds offer extended reach and coverage, making them ideal for larger-scale concrete finishing projects.

Benefits of a Concrete Screed

There are several benefits to using a concrete screed:

  1. Improved surface finish: A concrete screed can help to produce a smoother, more level surface on freshly poured concrete, which can improve the overall appearance of the finished slab.

  2. Increased structural integrity: By ensuring that the concrete slab has a consistent thickness and is free of voids or air pockets, a screed can help to increase the structural integrity of the finished slab.

  3. Reduced labor costs: Using a concrete screed can save time and labor costs, as it allows one person to level and smooth a large area of concrete quickly and efficiently.

  4. Increased efficiency: Screeding can help to speed up the overall concrete finishing process, as it allows excess concrete to be removed and the surface to be smoothed in a single step.

  5. Improved accuracy: A concrete screed can help to achieve a more precise and consistent thickness in the finished concrete slab, which is important for ensuring that the slab meets the required specifications.

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