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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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Robopac Robotape 50 CFA
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Robopac Robotape 50 ME LHRobopac Robotape 50 ME LH

What is a Box Taper Machine? 

A box taper machine is a type of equipment used to automatically seal the top and bottom flaps of a box with tape. The machine typically consists of a tape dispenser, which applies a strip of adhesive tape to the flaps of the box, and a pair of pressure-sensitive rollers that press the tape onto the box. Box taper machines are often used in warehouses and shipping facilities to quickly and efficiently seal boxes for shipping. They can also be used to seal boxes for storage. Some of the features that differentiates the machine is speed, size of the box it can handle, and the type of tape it can use, some machine are semi-automatic and require manual feed of the box while others can be fully automatic where it connects to the conveyor and pick the boxes automatically.

Advantages of a Box Taper Machine 

There are several advantages to using a box taper machine:

  1. Speed: Box taper machines can seal boxes much faster than manual taping methods, which can greatly increase productivity in a warehouse or shipping facility.

  2. Consistency: Box taper machines apply a consistent amount of tape to each box, ensuring that all boxes are sealed properly and securely.

  3. Reduction in labor: Using a box taper machine eliminates the need for manual taping, freeing up employees to perform other tasks.

  4. Reduction in injuries: Box taping can be a physically demanding task, and using a machine reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury for workers.

  5. Reduction in costs: Box taper machines can help to reduce the costs associated with manual taping, such as tape and labor costs.

  6. Efficient: Box taper machines can reduce the amount of wasted tape, by applying the tape only on the flaps of the box and not on other area.

  7. Adaptability: Some machines can be programmed to handle different box sizes and types of tape which allows the company to adapt to the different packaging requirement.

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