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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Dk2 40 Ton Kinetic Ultimate Speed 1 Sec Commercial Grade Log Splitter - OPS240Dk2 40 Ton Kinetic Ultimate Speed 1 Sec Commercial Grade Log Splitter - OPS240
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PowerKing 22-Ton 4.5 HP Kohler Horizontal Kinetic ABS Log Splitter - PK0322K PK0322KPowerKing 22-Ton 4.5 HP Kohler Horizontal Kinetic ABS Log Splitter - PK0322K PK0322K

Log Splitter Details

A log splitter is  piece of equipment that is used for splitting firewood. Log splitters expedite the process of splitting firewood, saving you time and effort. Log splitters may also be used to cut logs of the same size. Splitting wood with a log splitter is a safe, easy, and efficient method. It removes the exhausting and time-consuming task of splitting wood with an axe, allowing you to heat your home without the exhausting and time-consuming task of splitting wood with an axe. If you split wood on a regular basis, a log splitter is a must-have.

Manually splitting logs with an axe poses a variety of risks. You'll need physical strength or stamina to split wood with an axe. Another disadvantage to splitting wood with an axe is that if you don't break the wood the first time, you'll have to take the axe out of the wood after you've hit it. This is inefficient in terms of both time and resources.

Log splitters not only improves your performance and increases your production within a short time, it also makes your job easier as you can move the tool easily by using its rubber wheels. It is safer to use than any other tools for splitting.

Types Of Splitters

Smaller firewood splitters are designed for home use, but commercial models are also available. Some industrial splitters are part of a 'firewood processor,' which saws logs of wood into lengths, splits them, and then transports the wood up an inclined conveyor to a pile, truck, or trailer. The majority of home log splitter models have a force rating of about 10 tons, but professional hydraulic models can exert up to 30 tons of force.

Electric Log Splitters, Petrol Log Splitters, and Manual Log Splitters are among the various types of log splitters available. What kind of log slitter you should buy is determined by a number of variables, including the logs you'll be splitting, how much you'll be splitting wood, where you'll be using your machine, and the design or model of splitter you want to use, among others.

Log splitters are not only convenient to use, but they are also environmentally friendly tools that complete the task without harming the environment. If you're interested in learning more about log splitters and the various options available, please contact our team.


Gas log splitters were invented to save our stiff backs from countless hours of chopping wood. No wonder they became a must for both home and commercial use in no time, right?

With hydraulic pump systems and smooth log spinners, these appliances are built to last. In addition, you’ll no longer break a sweat to get small pieces of wood — gas log splitters operate on strong engines with power ranging from 80cc to 270cc.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about safety because gas log splitters boast air-cooling and automatic shutoff features to protect your engine from burning. 

3 Point

Our 3 point log splitters need your tractor’s hydraulics to operate, so they hitch to the vehicle and start doing their job. What we’re trying to say is: if you own a tractor, you’re already halfway there! All you need is a 3-point log splitter, and you’re good to go.

With their strong splitting force, these splitters can cut large wood logs up to 25 inches in length in merely a few seconds, which means you'll finish a significant amount in no time. Some even work in vertical and horizontal positions, giving you more versatility.

A 3-point log splitter doesn't require an extra power outlet, protects your back from stiffness, and gives you freshly cut wood for the winter.

30 Ton

When buying a log splitter, you’ll encounter many options based on your purpose and preferences. If gas and point log splitters aren’t enough for you, it’s time to look at 30-ton log splitters.

With incomparable log crushing force, 30-ton log splitters have the power to cut wood up to 60,000 lbs. We told you they’re incomparable, didn’t we? 

Although they don’t work as fast as other log splitters, they’ll give you a month’s worth of wood pieces with minimum effort. So, get ready for a warm and cozy winter!

Not just that, but 30-ton log splitters are powered by heavy-duty engines that won’t wear out anytime soon. 

Skid Steer

The days of manually cutting wood are over! You no longer have to strain your back and arms to get freshly-cut pieces of wood. You can get a skid steer log splitter instead!

Skid steer log splitters operate on skid steers’ power. Once attached, you can forget all about breaking a sweat to get wood. In addition, they can cut wood logs with lengths up to 30 inches with their magnificently strong splitting forces.

Whether you’re opting for commercial or consumer-level log splitting, you’ll be satisfied with our choices of skid steer log splitters. Moreover, with heavy-duty sliders and straight wedges, these machines are built to last.

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