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Quality Wood Chippers

We offer a range of quality wood chippers for sale. Purchase online and enjoy super fast shipping USA wide. Our most popular brand are Power King wood chippers, DK2 chippers, and  You can also view the entire range of Power King products here. Also view our Yardbeast selection and DK2 selection.

Popular Questions We Get Asked About Wood Chippers

A wood chipper should be portable, easy to use, and powerful enough to work through all your yard waste. They are designed to capitalize the process of clearing wood debris, logs, or limbs. 

Wood chippers are available in different sizes and styles and are mainly gas or electric-powered. Chippers utilize sharp blades to shred, chip, or mulch dry and fresh wood waste.

Commercial grade wood chippers are best-suited to work on large properties where you have to deal with larger branches. For most homeowners, a chipper/shredder combination will offer much more benefit. They are less expensive, easier to operate & store, and still powerful enough to chew up 3-inch diameter branches.

Higher-end wood chipper models allow you to select the size for the output of wood chips.

If you are interested in buying a new wood chipper to help care for your property today or start a business, reach out to our staff. Our support team is ever-ready and eager to provide you with the support you need to purchase and operate your machines.

What Brands Of Chippers Do You Sell?

We sell some of the best brands of wood chippers from leading commercial & industrial power machine manufacturers:

  • Power King
  • Yardbeast
  • Detail K2 (DK2)

How Do Wood Chippers Work?

A wood chipper uses a rotating steel cutting disc with blades to reduce branches into chip-sized pieces. Depending on the model, a wood chipper usually has a hopper, cutting system, and a waste collection bin. As you feed riddled branches and leafy material into the chute, a self-loading mechanism suctions the waste into the cutting blades then chews out shredded wood chips, which are easier to dispose of.

Who Makes The Best Wood Chippers?

YardBeast is our top pick for the best overall wood chippers. Their wood chippers have a great combination of performance, power, a sturdy design, and user-friendliness. Coupled with an affordable price tag, they provide excellent value for money. 

DK2 and PowerKing also have a reputable reputation among the leading manufacturers of chippers workhorses that deliver ultimate performance in the toughest of tasks.

Does The Quality Of The Equipment Vary With Price?

Not really. The main difference comes in extras like towing/mounting features, machine size, loading system, and power option, among other factors.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay Far A New Chipper?

The cost of a wood chipper varies widely depending on the brand, machine size, features, engine displacement, power source, and other factors. Small and medium compact wood chippers start from $1,000.

For high commercial models with more power and extra features, the cost ranges between $3,000 to $10,000.

Where Can I Find Information On How To Use A Chipper?

There are hundreds of online resources for wood chipper information, but none can be compared to one-on-one advice where you get the exact answers to what you are looking for. Our team is passionate about the products we sell, and we’re always happy to share them with you. 

We’ve also created a comprehensive guide on how to use a wood chipper.