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Maksiwa Portable Edgebander - 1 Phase Black Edition Model - CBC.E CBC.EMaksiwa Portable Edgebander - 1 Phase Black Edition Model - CBC.E CBC.E

Maksiwa Portable Edgebander - 1 Phase Black Edition Model - CBC.E

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Features Of Portable Machines

A portable edge bander helps to lay a strip along with the thickness of a panel for producing the finished result. But the main difference between a normal edge bander and a portable one is the fact that it is smaller in size and easy to take around. Portable edge banders are equipped with a glue reservoir, an adjustment system, as well as a roller to stick down the strip. It supports a variety of accessories like guides, presses, levelers, and many more.

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In the case of other edge benders, it can be quite a hassle to move them around as they can be quite heavy and big in size. But the advantage with portable edge banders is their small size, affordability, and portability. Whereas edge benders can cost quite a lot, a portable one is a way to go as it is cost-friendly. It contains a manual cutter that provides a precise cut of the tape. Any type of edge banding tape can be used unless it is 3” high and 2 mm wide.

Transportation of equipment can be quite hard for working, but it can fit in a standard car trunk for easy transportation. Portability is one of the main advantages of a portable edge bender which can’t be found in other edge benders.

Fast Setup

Setting up can be quite irritating, but using a portable edge bender provides you with an easy and fast setup. With its integrated manual cutter, precise cutting of the tape can be ensured. It also ensures the alignment of the tape and the work-piece with its tape guide.

Potable edge benders are very budget-friendly and get the job done too. If you are interested in getting a portable edge bender for yourself and are eager to know more about it, please contact our team.

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