Dannmar DJ-7000 7K Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack - 5175325

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Product Description

Dannmar DJ-7000 7K Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack - 5175325

Dannmar’s DJ-7000 Rolling Bridge Jack has a 7,000-lb. lifting capacity and is a great addition to compliment a four-post lift. A rolling bridge jack, when properly placed at the vehicle’s undercarriage lifting points, allows you to raise a vehicle up and off of the four post lift’s drive-on runways. This allows the user to gain access for repairs such as tire, brake, suspension, and more.



If you want to make sure your Rolling Bridge Jack has suitable capacity for work-trucks and other heavy vehicles, then Dannmar’s DJ-7000 should fit your needs. With its 7,000 lb. lifting capacity (per rolling bridge jack) you can raise the front and/or rear of many heavier vehicles.

Contact Pads

Dannmar’s DJ-7000 rubber contact pads carefully grip and support the lifting points. For large, full-perimeter frame vehicles, consider the optional frame cradle pads for full-size trucks and SUVs.

Stackable Adapters

The DJ-7000 rubber contact pads come with stackable adapters. This lets you reach the lift’s undercarriage contact points without losing most of the rise you get from the rolling bridge jack.

Electric-Hydraulic Pump

A single, air-hydraulic pump is fitted to the side of the DJ-7000 rolling bridge jack. The Dannmar car lift has its own electric-hydraulic system that runs independently of your rolling bridge jack. After connecting the air line to the jack (requiring 125 PSI and 10-20 CFM) an easy-to-use foot pedal activates the jack.

Safety Locks

Dannmar’s rolling bridge jack comes complete with three safety-lock positions and stackable pad adapters to provide added clearance when needed. These positions lock automatically as the jack ascends and releases concurrently during descend.

  • 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Rubber contact pads
  • Stackable adapters
  • High-pressure hydraulic power unit
  • Optional air-line kit
SKU# 5175325
Lifting Capacity 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
Max. Height + Pad Only 18.8” (478 mm)
Max. Height + Pad + Adapter 21.8” (554 mm)
Min. Height + Pad Only 8” (203 mm)
Min. Height + Pad + Adapter 11” (279 mm)
Support Arm Width 36” (914 mm) - 46” (1,168 mm)
Max. Arm Reach 56” (1,422 mm)
Min. Arm Reach 42” (1,067 mm)
Motor Air-Hydraulic Pump
Noise 45 dB
Lifting Time 45 seconds

Dannmar DJ-7000 User Manual
Dannmar DJ-7000 Specifications
Dannmar DJ-7000 Warranty

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