DoALL 10” x 16” Structural Band Saw with Variable Frequency Drive 400-S

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DoALL 10” x 16” Structural Band Saw with Variable Frequency Drive 400-S

The 400S Structural Bandsaw from DoALL Saw Products is a versatile metal cutting saw ideal for small to medium-sized shops. Part of our StructurALL® collection, this horizontal metal cutting saw promises accurate straight and miter cuts every time. If you're a fabricator searching for the perfect machine for precise cuts in smaller quantities, the DoALL 400s are what you need. 

This manual bandsaw machine can cut up to 16-inch (406 millimeters) high by 10-inch (254 millimeters) wide rectangles and 10.75-inch (273 millimeters) round tubes. You can equip the bandsaw with add-ons such as a pneumatic head-lift or vise attachments. 

We’re proud to produce the DoALL 400S at our corporate headquarters in Minnesota. Each machine is hand-assembled by our local team and features high-durability plate steel and TIG welds.


  • Fixed Control Console: Ergonomically placed control console for ease of operation and safety of the operator.  
  • Variable Frequency Band Drive: The Variable Frequency Band DManual Blade Tensionrive allows the operator to dial in their band speed to fine tune cutting performance supplying maxiumum torque to the tooth tips of the saw band. 
  • Rapid head down w/ Feed Control: Three position head control allows the operator in rapid mode to quickly position the saw head above the material, the head will stop at position in the hold mode, and create feed rates with the micrometer adjustment in the feed mode for maximizing cutting performance.
  • Coolant Thru Carbide Faced Saw Guide Inserts: Supplies coolant to the blade evenly before the cut creating straighter cuts and allowing longer blade life due to coolant being supplied at the tooth tip.
  • Band Wheels: Time honored rack and pawl vice system using an acme thread screw minimizes setup / clamping time aiding in increased production and decreased vise maintenance.
  • Manual Blade Tension: Positive stop to prevent possible error of over/under tightening the band for maximum cutting rates and band life.
  • Band Brush: Gear driven band brush removes the chips from the blade
    gullets which would prevent the blade from attaining maximum cutting rates and blade life.
  • Counter Balance Spring: Counterbalance spring maintains constant head weight throughout the cut keeping the blade tooth load equal aiding in maximum blade life.

    Purchase Includes:

    • Swivel head to 45 degrees
    • Fine adjustment head feed control
    • Fixed control console
    • Rapid head down approach
    • Spring loaded, zero clearance, coolant through, carbide faced saw guide inserts
    • Quick action rack and pawl vise system w/Acme Thread
    • Gear driven band cleaning brushes
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • Heavy duty counter balance spring
    • Flange backing band wheels
    • Manual band tension
    • Recirculating coolant system
    • Discharge tray
    • Replaceable steel wear plates on bed
    • Saw blade guards
    • Band door interlocks
    • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick
    • Recommended band speed chart
    • One (1) complimentary DoALL Bi Metal saw blade
    • Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package

    Product Video:


    Saw Blade: Width x Length - 1" x 158"
    Band Drive: Motor HP - 2 Hp VFD
    Band Speed - 50-400 fpm
    Band Tension – Manual
    Hydraulic System: Motor Hp - N/A
    Reservoir Size N/A
    Coolant System: Flood Yes / Mist Lubricator OPT Motor Hp - 1/15 Hp
    Reservoir Size 6 Gallon
    Floor Space Dimensions: W x L X H - 87" x 42" x 55"
    Material Pass Height - 29"
    Machine Weight - 1,200 lbs.
    Electrical: Voltage Requirement 208V,230V or 460V-60Hz-3ph, Wye configuration (Must Specify at Order Placement)
    Total Amp Draw (FLA) 7.2(208) 6.9(230) 3.5(460)Amps

    Optional Accessories:

    • Full Cycle attachment provides pneumatic head raise/vise operations allowing for head raise to a pre-determined height after the cut in auto mode. Pneumatic operations remain active in manual mode.                       
    • 5 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 16" between frames. Roller capacity 850 Ibs.
    • 10 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 16" between frames. Roller capacity 850 Ibs.
    • Additional conveyor rollers
    • 24" Discharge table
    • 18" Adjustable work stop - Requires item 1009399
    • Band mist lubricator
    • Work light
    • Laser line generator
    • Flushing hose attachment
    • Four (4) hours installation and operator training
    • DoALL Cut Above 10 Year Warranty Annual Investment
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