DoALL Sawing Products StructurALL 460V Three Phase 14” x 20” Horizontal General Purpose Miter CNC Band Saw S-500CNC

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DoALL Sawing Products StructurALL 460V Three Phase 14” x 20” Horizontal General Purpose Miter CNC Band Saw S-500CNC

Our S-500CNC Miter CNC Bandsaw is perfect for mid-sized fabricators looking to get ahead of the game. This scissor head bandsaw offers precision miter, vertical and angular cuts for perfect joins every time. Adjustable to 60 degrees in semi-automatic mode, the S-500CNC provides increased versatility for several industrial applications. Our automatic CNC bandsaw is ideal for the automotive, power sports, tool production and manufacturing industries. 

This CNC saw machine uses hydraulic controls with automatic indexing to support multiple material feeds. Combined with an easy-to-operate Mitsubishi digital controller, the production process is smooth, fast and almost entirely automated. Workers are only responsible for removing the cut material. 

At DoALL Sawing Products, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality manufacturing equipment. Our knowledgeable team consists of industry experts, so you can be sure you're receiving the best customer support in the business. 

Features :

  • Flexible bandsaw head: This machine offers a two-in-one functionality with a vertical and miter bandsaw. It's also adjustable to up to 60 degrees for increased cutting versatility. 
  • Digital controls: The completely digital controls include a responsive and bright touch screen for increased ease of use.  
  • Automated operation: A fully automated operating system allows you to improve production times while drastically ensuring the operator's safety.
  • Ball screw feed: The safe automatic feed creates less friction and promotes a higher mechanical efficiency.


  • Operator Control Console - Control console can be positioned for operator comfort and safety insuring hands are away from blade at band start.
  • Mitsubishi Touch Screen Panel - The touch screen control panel displays cutting cycle indicator, blade tension warning, BRP (overfeed protection) function, band speed, band drive amp load and a list of error messages allowing operator to monitor machine functions.
  • Direct Driven Band Drive - Drive is comprised of an electric VFD controlled motor transferring power through a gear reduction unit directly to the drive wheel eliminating belt slippage and giving positive torque to the blade. 
  • Automatic Cycle - The Automatic Cycle function allows the operator the ability to write and save 20 individual programs containing up to 15 different length of parts eliminating the need to stop the cycle and reset for multiple part sizes saving production time.
  • Automatic Overload Feed Protection - BRP function monitors band drive motor amperage stopping head fall when operator set parameter is reached signaling overfeed or a dull saw band.
  • Band Wheels - Cast steel wheels insure band tracking and long life.
  • Nesting Fixtures - Plug-n-play vertical hold-down clamp assemblies allows the operator to perform multiple piece cutting to increasing productivity.
  • Hydraulic Clamping Vise - Full stroke hydraulic vises will minimize set up time and maximize clamping pressure eliminating material movement and tooth strippage.
  • Indexer - The vise carriage is guided with two linear rails and is positioned by a servo-controlled ball screw insuring accuracy and repeatability also allowing for incremental indexing which decreases cycle time.
  • Head Turn Table - The miter function is accomplished by turning a conveniently located lock and manually swiveling the head to the desired angle which is displayed on touch screen allowing operator to make miter cuts in the semi-automatic production mode.
  • Manual Blade Tension - Illuminating indictor prevents possible error of over/undertightening the band for maximum cutting rates and band life.
  • Band Brush - Driven band brush removes the chips from the blade gullets which would prevent the blade from attaining maximum cutting rates and blade life.
  • Counter Balance Spring - Counterbalance springs maintain constant head weight throughout the cut keeping the blade tooth load equal aiding in maximum blade life.
  • Warranty - One year parts only subject to terms and condition. Optional 10-year DoALL Cut Above 10 Year Warranty available.

Product Video:

Specifications :

Saw Blade: Width x Length - 1.25" x 188"
Band Drive: Motor Hp – 4.75 Hp
Band Speed – 65-325 fpm
Band Tension – Manual
Hydraulic System: Motor Hp – 1 Hp
Reservoir Size – 2.5 Gallons
Coolant System: Motor Hp - .07 Hp
Reservoir Size – 4 Gallons
Indexer: Length per Stroke - 19.5
Maximum Index Strokes Length - 394"
Remnant Length - 3"
Floor Space Dimensions: W x L X H - 102" x 86" x 58"
Material Pass Height - 31.5"
Machine Weight - 3,307 lbs.
Electrical: Voltage Requirement - 460V-60Hz-3ph, Wye configuration
Total Amp Draw (FLA) - 9.4 Amps

Purchase Includes:

  • Swivel head to 60 degrees
  • Automatic cycle
  • Movable control console
  • Rapid head down approach
  • Carbide faced saw guide inserts
  • Programable material height sensor
  • Full stroke hydraulic vises with nesting fixtures
  • Driven band cleaning brushes
  • Ball screw with incremental feed
  • Heavy-duty counter balance springs
  • Cast Steel band wheels
  • Fine adjustment head feed control
  • Overfeed protection
  • Infinite band speed controlled variable frequency drive
  • Mitsubishi touch screen controller.
  • Digital angle position.
  • Out of stock sensor.
  • Manual band tension.
  • Variable vise pressure.
  • Recirculating coolant system.
  • Mist band lubricator system.
  • Work light.
  • Saw blade guards.
  • Band door interlocks.
  • Operation and parts manuals on USB stick.
  • Recommended band speed chart.
  • One (1) complimentary DoALL Bi-Metal saw blade.
  • Complimentary DoALL Cutting Fluids package.

Optional Accessories:

  • 6.6ft. Output conveyor for angle cutting - 20.5" roller width - 1142lbs./ft. capacity
  • 6.6 ft Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter - 20.5" roller width - 672 lbs/ft capacity
  • 5 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 20" between frames roller capacity 850 Ibs
  • 10 ft Medium-duty idler conveyor 20" between frames roller capacity 850 Ibs
  • Wear parts service kit - Lead-in bearings, carbide inserts, insert screws, band brushes
  • Chip pan with drain
  • Magnetic wand chip remover
  • A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an independent third-part laboratory recognized by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test and certify products to applicable product safety standards
  • Additional USB stick of manuals.
  • DoALL Cut Above 10 Year Warranty Annual Investment

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