EZ SPOT UR Barrel Handler Skid Steer Attachment

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The EZ Spot UR BARREL HANDLER allows you to scoop up liquids and solids quickly and easily. The Barrel Handler rotates up to 300 degrees. With the optional insert, The Barrel Handler will adapt to handle 30 gallon drums and is ideal for the oil, scrap iron and hazardous waste industries. The Barrel Handler will not damage plastic or metal barrels, and allows you to pour liquids or solids with precision. Plastic barrels won’t slip because of the unique barrel lift support.


Hazardous waste removal
Oil and gas industry
Scrap yard

Important Note: 

The Barrel Handler Attachment operates as an independent attachment head. To use it effectively, it must be secured to an EZ SPOT UR Attachment Base!

Get an extra 5% discount when you purchase it with an EZ SPOT UR Attachment Base at Landmark Tools! 

Key Features:

  • Attaches to a skid steer or any other machine that is equipped with the Universal Quick 'Tach mounting system.
  • Rotates 350° non-continuous (175° to the left, 175° to the right) when attached to the EZ Spot UR Chain Rotating Base.
  • Rotates 127° to the operators left when attached to an EZ Spot UR Double Cylinder Rotating Base.
  • Can also be attached to an EZ Spot UR Fixed Non-Rotating Base.
  • Jaws open to 39.5 inches and close down to 21 inches.
  • Comes complete with hoses, flush faced couplers, spring hose mount, and wiring harness.
  • Handles 55 gallon barrels, 30 gallon barrels, plastic barrels and can be modified to fit 110 gallon barrels.
  • Composed of Grade 50 material or higher and core welded.


Equipment Specifications

  • Two 2" x 3.5" clamp cylinders securely hold the barrel in place. Each cylinder has a breakout force of 9,425 lbs.
  • Anti-static lining reduces slippage and the risk of shock.
  • Guaranteed not to crush metal or plastic barrels.
  • Comes complete with hoses, flush faced couplers, spring hose mount and wiring harness.
  • Can be adapted to fit mini-excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers and backhoes*.

*Requires specialty bolt-on mount.




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