EZ SPOT UR Skid Steer Speed Sand Bagger Attachment

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No more shovels and no more back-breaking work. The EZ Spot UR Speed Bagger makes it pain-free to fill sandbags. With a crew of 4 people, the EZ Spot UR Speed Bagger allows you to fill up to 1000 sandbags in just four hours! Easily fill sandbags on site right where you need them!

The EZ Spot UR Speed Bagger is the ultimate tool to fill sandbags for flood protection and other uses. The Speed Bagger utilizes a crew of just four people to do the same job that a much larger crew does with shovels and back-breaking labor! With the auger that pushes the sand through two chutes without clogging, you will be able to fill sandbags faster than you ever thought possible with the EZ Spot UR Speed Bagger!


Key Features

  • Attaches to a skid steer, track loader, or any other machine that is equipped with the Universal Quick 'Tach mounting system.
  • Stand-alone unit does not rotate.
  • Empty attachment weight is 782 lbs.
  • Bucket Capacity is 0.49 cubic yards
  • Two chutes allow for two bags to be filled at the same time
  • One 2"x8" hydraulic cylinder opens and closes the attachment to quickly and easily scoop sand into the bucket. The cylinder has a breakout force of 9,425 lbs.
  • A crew of 4 people can fill 1000+ bags in 4 hours!


Equipment Specifications

  • Bucket has reinforced edges on the sides and a cutting edge on the front for digging into sand.
  • 7 inch diameter left and right hand flighting welded to a single shaft dispense sand through two chutes.
  • Hydraulic motor rotates the shaft with a double 40 chain and a 5.5" sprocket.
    • Motor Displacement: 9.7 cubic inches per revolution
    • Motor Torque: 2059 in-lb at 1650 ΔPSI
  • Auger is enabled only when the lid is closed because of the sequencing valve.
  • Conversion nozzle can be purchased to make the two chutes into a single chute.
  • Equipped with a safety stand to prevent the speed bagger from falling on your crew due to accidental lowering of the attachment by the operator.
  • Composed of Grade 50 steel or higher to withstand years of wear and tear.
  • Comes complete with hoses, flush faced couplers, spring hose mount, and wiring harness.
  • Can be adapted to fit excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, and backhoes with a special bolt-on mount.



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