Laguna Tools Classic Combination Brush/Drum Sander - 19-38

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Laguna Tools Classic Combination Brush/Drum Sander - 19-38

Simplify sanding with a 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander! Our exclusive technology allows you to drum sand and profile sand on the same machine! Interchangeable drum and brush heads allows for unlimited applications!



We’ve addressed issues common with other drum sanders by adding five features that are exclusive to our 19-38 machines. No other drum sander on the market has these features!

  • Simple alignment feature Just one nut will adjust the conveyor to parallel the sanding head, making aligning the conveyor to the sanding head fast and easy
  • Indexed alignment setting Has an indexed alignment setting for narrow and wide stock. When sanding stock wider than 19″, the index lever will properly adjust the conveyor for flawless wide sanding
  • Easy height adjustments A thrust bearing below the handle and a nut positioned above prevents the drum from moving out of the set position while sanding. No backlash or slop in the height adjustment mechanism allowing easier and smoother height adjustments
  • Extra-wide conveyor to properly support stock over 19″ wide. The conveyor table is 22″ wide to add support to the work piece
  • Drum will never go “out of alignment” The drum carriage is bolted to the base, preventing any movement or alignment issues

Additional Features

  • INTELLISAND™ Technology: Automatically adjusts conveyor speed based on load
    • Prevents gouging, damaging or burning stock
    • Provides consistent finish even with varying grain pattern and density
    • Greatly increases abrasive planing and dimensioning speed
  • Flatness Guarantee: Precision-flattened steel conveyor bed reinforced with four steel cross sections for no “flex” in conveyor, guaranteeing flatness to less than .010″ across the width of the sander
  • Abrasive conveyor belt offers the best grip for raw wood, giving you the ability to accommodate stock that is much shorter or thinner
  • Patented Abrasive Attachment System effectively tensions the abrasive wraps, preventing loose abrasive and overlap
  • Easiest access to abrasive fastening system of any drum sander! Extra wide space to access fasteners to eliminate need for special tools
  • Self-cooling drum prevents overheating and extends abrasive life
  • Tension rollers are adjustable in height and hold down pressure, eliminating snipe
  • Excellent dust extraction as dust cover is formed to shape of drum Metal, not plastic, is formed to maximize air flow and dust extraction
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction for strength, rigidity and reduced vibration

    Additional Details

    Flatter: Produces near-finish results and eliminates primary hand sanding

    Nylon: Scuff sand and defuzz stock

    Wire: Pull the soft grain out from softwoods or clean reclaimed lumber

    Drum: Dimension or finish sand flat stock

    Simple alignment feature Just one nut will adjust the conveyor to parallel the sanding head, making aligning the conveyor to the sanding head fast and easy. Indexed alignment setting Has an indexed alignment setting for narrow and wide stock. When sanding stock wider than 19″, the index lever will properly adjust the conveyor for flawless wide sanding. Easy height adjustments A thrust bearing below the handle and a nut positioned above prevents the drum from moving out of the set position while sanding. No backlash or slop in the height adjustment mechanism allowing easier and smoother height adjustments. Extra-wide conveyor to properly support stock over 19″ wide. The conveyor table is 22″ wide to add support to the work piece. Excellent dust extraction, as metal dust cover is formed to shape of drum. Tension rollers are adjustable in height and hold down pressure, eliminating snipe. Heavy-duty cast iron construction for strength, rigidity and reduced vibration.


    Sanding Capacity

    • Maximum Width (in): 38″ (two passes)
    • Minimum Length (in): 5-½″
    • Maximum Thickness (in): 4″ (Varies With Application)
    • Minimum Thickness (in): 1/32″

    Machine Specs

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 24″ x 40″ x 24″
    • Drum Speed: 1740 RPM
    • Dust Hood: 1 – 4″ Vacuum port, min. 600 CFM Recommended
    • Conveyor Motor: 43in.-lb torque, direct drive D.C. motor, ranged variable 0-10 FPM
    • Drive Motor (TEFC): 1-¾
    • Power Requirements: 110V 15 Amp
    • Net Weight: 264 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 371 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 43″ x 16″ x 24″




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    CNC Limited Warranty

    New CNC machines sold by Laguna Tools carry a one-year warranty effective from the date of shipping. Laguna Tools guarantees all new machines sold to be free of manufacturers’ defective workmanship, parts, and materials. We will repair or replace without charge, any parts determined by Laguna Tools, Inc. to be a manufacturer’s defect.

    • We require that the defective item/part is determined to be damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning, or misuse/abuse, the customer will be responsible for the cost to replace the item/part, plus all related shipping charges.
    • This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, normal wear and tear, product failure due to lack of maintenance or cleaning, damage caused by accident, neglect, lack of or inadequate dust collection, misuse/abuse or damage caused where repair or alterations have been made or attempted by others.
    • Laguna Tools, Inc. is not responsible for additional tools or modifications sold or performed (other than from/by Laguna Tools, Inc.) on any Laguna Tools, Inc. woodworking machine.
    • Warranty may be voided upon the addition of such described tools and/or modifications, determined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Software purchased through Laguna Tools, Inc., is not covered under this warranty and all technical support or licensing must be managed through the software provider.
    • Normal user alignment, adjustment, tuning, and machine settings are not covered by this warranty. It is the responsibility of the user to understand basic woodworking machinery settings and procedures and to properly maintain the equipment in accordance with the standards provided by the manufacturer.
    • Laguna Tools is not responsible for lost earnings due to a machine being inoperative or in need of repair.
    • Spindles and bearings are not covered due to severe conditions or operating outside the duty cycle.
    • Parts under warranty are shipped at Laguna Tools, Inc.’s cost either by common carrier, FedEx ground service or a similar method. Technical support to install replacement parts is primarily provided by phone, fax, e-mail, or Laguna Tools Customer Support Website.
    • The labor required to install replacement parts is the responsibility of the user.
    • Laguna Tools is not responsible for damage or loss caused by a freight company or other circumstances not in our control. All claims for loss or damaged goods must be notified to Laguna Tools within twenty-four hours of delivery.

    Laser warranty exclusions:

    1. Damage to head, or Optic cable due to lack of volume or contaminated assist gas.
    2. Damage to components from misuse or lack of maintenance and cleaning.
    3. Operation of the machine by untrained employees.
    4. Operating the machine outside of its capabilities or beyond its duty cycle.
    5. Failure to use Distilled or deionized water will void warranty of power supply, chiller, and head.
    6. Optic failure due to back reflection errors will void power supply and Optic warranty.
    7. The machine must be kept and operated in a proper environment to maintain warranty.

    CO2 Laser Warranty

    Laguna Tools warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of receipt. This does not include the laser tube which is warranted for one (1) year. Focal lenses are warranted for 30 days. During this period, Laguna Tools will repair or replace defective parts including ground shipping without charge to you (International shipping not included). On-site repairs are available at a reasonable cost with consideration of traveling and tech time.
    1. This warranty extends only to products distributed and/or sold by Laguna Tools to the original purchaser only.
    2. Any after-market additions or modifications will not be warranted. The laser machine system owner is responsible for any service and repairs outside the scope of this warranty
    3. This warranty covers only the normal use of the laser machine. Laguna Tools shall not be liable under this warranty if any damage or defect results from  (i) *Irresponsible use, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, improper return shipping or installation  (ii) Disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, or improper electric current  (iii) Service or alteration by anyone other than an authorized Laguna Tools representative  *Damages incurred through irresponsible use may include but are not limited to  (i) Failure to turn ON or use clean water within the chiller  (ii) Failure to clean optical mirrors and lenses  (iii) Failure to clean or lube guide rails with lubricant oil  (iv) Failure to remove or clean debris from collection tray  (v) Failure to properly store the laser in a properly conditioned environment.
    4. Laguna Tools accepts no responsibility for any software programs, data, or information stored on any media or any parts of any products returned for repair to Laguna Tools.
    5. This warranty does not cover any third-party software or virus-related problems not purchased from Laguna Tools.
    6. Laguna Tools is not responsible for loss of data or time, even with hardware failure. Clients are responsible for backing up any data for their own protection. Laguna Tools is not responsible for any loss of work (“downtime”) caused by a product requiring service.
    7. Laguna Tools is a support-driven company. We continue to extend FREE tech support for life to the original clients. An annual fee will be charged to support resales (in the event the client resells the machine). The Warranty, however, is non-transferable.
    8. Laguna Tools agrees to absorb Ground Shipping Costs for Warranty Replacement Items. We offer the ability for clients to upgrade to expedited shipping for the cost difference, which will be invoiced and charged to the client prior to shipment.
    9. International shipping costs and/or customs fees associated with fulfillment of Warranty Replacement Items are the responsibility of the client.
    10. Laguna Tools at its own discretion reserves the right to deny the purchase of any extended warranty.

    AFTER TWO-YEAR WARRANTY:  POST WARRANTY SUPPORT AND/OR REPAIRS Laguna Tools offers free lifetime tech support via. phone and email to the original purchaser. However, after two (2) years replacement parts will be the responsibility of the client including shipping charges. Laguna Tools will provide a quote for the necessary parts and repairs.

    Who is Laguna Tools?

    We are the people we employ, the products we sell and the passion to serve our customers that emanates from both.

    Laguna Tools was born in Laguna Beach, California in 1983, out of a desperate need to find safe, quality and precise woodworking machines for Torben Helshoj’s custom woodworking shop in Laguna Canyon. The tools that his partners used did not meet the high standards that Torben had used in Denmark, where he earned the Queen of Denmark’s Silver Medal in woodworking.

    Armed with the experience from his four-year furniture making apprenticeship Torben returned to Europe with his business partners to purchase machines that would improve the quality of cuts and improve inefficiencies.

    Laguna Tools forged a partnership with Robland Machines International to import high-end, superior quality woodworking machines and over the next decade the company became the number one importer of combination machinery in the US.

    Now, over three decades later, Laguna Tools is still a corporation with the same values of quality, accuracy and safe products and that also focuses on their customers and their needs.

    While we started off as a leader in the woodworking industry, we have now applied our innovative ideas to the metal, plastics, signs and composite businesses.

    We do everything with one goal in mind — to help our customers build personal success stories.

    We sell solutions.


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