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The LSC LimbSaw mounts directly to a tractor's front end loader enabling you to trim overgrowth from the comfort and safety of your tractor seat. Uses a 16 5/16in. carbide-tip blade with a tip speed of over 11,000RPMs. It can reach 21' when mounted vertically on a standard loader, trimming branches up to 4.5" in diameter.  Boom can be installed horizontally to clear under fence lines. Designed with durability in mind, with a 3,000 PSI control valve and a built-in bypass system that prevents the saw from turning in reverse. Operates with 10 GPM flow rate requiring your tractor to have a 15 GPM. The LSC cutting head can be interchanged with the original LimbSaw (Model# LS8).   


LS8 Manual 2019 (pdf)


LSC Manual 2019 (pdf)


LSC Parts Page (pdf)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert B
This saw is amazing

I bought the Landmark Tools hydraulic limb saw as a homeowner, because I have a four acre yard with eight large oak trees that need trimming up, so my tractor cab won't hit the low hanging branches. We also have 120 Leyland Cyprus trees that border our property, and they contracted a fungus a couple of years ago, so they are all in the process of dying. Needless to say, I have much tree work to do. This saw was exactly what I needed. It is a beast. The thing I love most about this saw, is not having to deal with keeping a chain tight, sharp, etc. The blade cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. My tractor is a John Deere 3320 eHydro, and this saw works perfectly with the front hydraulics that I have for a grapple. I wish I would have bought this years ago, since like everything else, the price of tree work has gone thru the roof. I use a GoPro camera mounted on my bucket, and streamed thru an iPad, to prevent having to sit at awkward angles to see what I am doing. The entire setup works great.

Allen S
Boy was I Wrong!

My first thoughts on the Limbsaw was that it would take a lot of maintenance and be very limited in performance. But I bought one anyway and was instantly impressed with the quality construction and how it was engineered. It looked like something I would have built. Boy was I wrong! I used my Limbsaw 6 days a week for a little over a month trimming limbs around our fields. I couldn't be happier with its performance. I used to stand in the loader bucket with a chainsaw and getting in position to actually cut the limb was a chore - and very unsafe. I can snake the Limbsaw into place in less than half the time. Very maneuverable!! I’ve printed off about three flyers to give my neighbors as they inquired about how I was getting the fence rows done this fast. I highly recommend it!

Jayde Kautzer

The saw is well protected against drops and debris and crush zone barriers to absorb impacts.

Zion Monahan
Great buy!

Im quite impressed with this company, they have incompatible prices. Their general shipping was super fast and they have great customer service

Percival Brakus

Really didn't need the Deep cut but figured I would take that route as future-proofing needs and figured this was the top-of-the-line unit.

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