Loflin Fabrication Mini 4-N-1 Bucket

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Loflin Fabrication Mini 4-N-1 Bucket

The Loflin Fabrication Mini 4-N-1 Bucket empowers landscapers, contractors, and property owners to tackle diverse tasks with unmatched versatility and efficiency, even when using compact equipment. This American-made attachment, designed for mini skid steer loaders and compact tractors, allows you to seamlessly switch between four functionalities, maximizing productivity and minimizing the need for multiple attachments.

Built for Durability and Performance

    • Constructed with robust 3/16" thick steel plates: Ensures exceptional strength and longevity to withstand demanding applications in various terrains.
    • Powder-coated finish (optional): Protects against corrosion and enhances the lifespan of the bucket (availability might vary).
    • Oversized, greasable pins: Minimize wear and tear, ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of the attachment.
    • Dual 2" x 6" hydraulic cylinders: Provide powerful and efficient operation for effortless control of various functions.
    • Available in different sizes (ranging from 36" to 48"): Choose the perfect size to match your specific skid steer loader or compact tractor and workspace limitations.

Four Functions in One Attachment

    1. Bucket: Ideal for loading, transporting, and dumping loose materials like soil, mulch, gravel, and sand.
    1. Dozer Blade: Perfect for leveling uneven surfaces, backfilling trenches, and preparing land for various projects.
    1. Box Scrape: Efficiently scrape and grade uneven surfaces, creating smooth and level areas for landscaping or construction.
    1. Grapple (optional): (Note: Not available on all models, confirm with the manufacturer) Equipped with tines for grasping and transporting various materials like brush, debris, and small logs, enhancing versatility for land clearing tasks (availability might vary).

Engineered for User-Friendly Operation and Versatility

    • Quick-attach system (compatible with most skid steer and compact tractor models): Ensures easy attachment and detachment from your equipment, saving time and simplifying workflow.
    • Simple and intuitive controls: Enable effortless operation for users of all experience levels.
    • Reinforced cutting edges: Offer superior wear resistance and can be replaced when needed.
    • Optional bolt-on reversible edges (on some models): Extend the lifespan of the cutting edges by providing a fresh edge when needed (availability might vary).

The Loflin Fabrication Mini 4-N-1 Bucket is ideal for

    • Landscaping projects: Manage various tasks like soil grading, material handling, and land preparation.
    • Driveway and path maintenance: Efficiently grade, scrape, and maintain gravel driveways and pathways.
    • Small-scale construction projects: Level ground, backfill trenches, and handle loose materials with ease.
  • Property maintenance: Manage tasks like land clearing, debris removal, and small-scale landscaping around your property.

Additional Information

  • Powder coated finish for durability
  • Two 2″ X 6″ hydraulic cylinders
  • Oversized, greasable pins
  • Opening width: 30 7⁄16“
  • 1⁄4” thick steel side plate
  • Front cutting edge 1⁄2” thick X 4″ wide, rear cutting edge (dozing edge) 1⁄2” thick X 4″ wide heat treated edge
  • Also available with optional front bolt-on-edge
  • Available with or without teeth
  • Available with or without tooth bar
  • 1⁄4” thick reinforced steel floor plate
  • We stock sizes: 36″, 42″, and 48″, custom sizes available
  • Reinforced quick attach
  • Comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers (Jobsite ready)
  • Stocked with Toro Dingo and Bobcat MT50 mount (MT mounted buckets start at 48")
  • Can be built to fit compact tractors
  • Other custom mounts available

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About Loflin Fabrication

Building Inspiring Skid Steer Attachments

Loflin Fabrication, LLC began in 1993 as two guys doing favors for a few friends. Greg Loflin and Terry Ferrell worked in a local factory and used skid steers in their spare time. Both men had developed welding, mechanical and engineering knowledge – not only from working in manufacturing, but from their hobbies and outside activities as well. These guys came from families of farmers and contractors – they understood the need for a quality product at a fair price.

The business started in a 3000 square foot “hand made” metal building constructed behind Greg’s house. He and Terry worked weekends welding it together. The frame of the building was erected from scrapped metal furniture racks. A few prototypes of various attachments were completed and given to friends that worked this equipment. Research and development came through feedback from people who actually use the products. They immediately developed a reputation for exceptional workmanship and quick delivery. Advertising came by word of mouth.

Loflin Fabrication, LLC has maintained focus on quality and value – no compromise…no exception! The business has expanded from a couple of welding machines to a 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility with the state of the art equipment required to meet customer demands and expectations. Our laser and plasma cutters, robotic welders and a complete machine shop – are just part of what it takes for us to remain an industry leader! Extensive use of fixtures and jigs help ensure quality in the manufacturing process. Using feedback from customers who are constantly looking to improve productivity and job cost, industry demand has continued to center around research and development!

Keeping overhead low and in-house manufacturing have been two major keys to the success of this business. Another key is our workforce; Our employees are local people who are proud of what they build!

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