Ranger RS-750DS Stainless-Steel Parts Washer Heavy-Duty Truck Dual-Heaters Low-Water Shutoff 1-Phase - 5155052

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Product Description

Features Of The 5155052 

Made with rust-free stainless-steel, the RS-750DS parts washer will rapidly degrease the biggest and dirtiest car parts in your garage. With an unbeatable 1,000-lb. weight capacity, large-scale truck and SUV parts are no match for this powerful and versatile spray wash cabinet.

Ranger's Extra-Massive Hot Wash Stainless-Steel Spray Cabinet

The RS-750DS is the newest model parts washer with a completely rust-free stainless steel construction. Like the RS-750D, the Ranger RS-750DS comes with the latest features for rapidly degreasing the biggest car parts around. But with an entirely stainless steel construction, you can now be sure that your parts washer will outlast all of the competition!

The RS-750DS has a heavy-duty 1,000-lb. weight capacity and a 53 gallon tank, making it the ultimate answer to degreasing car parts of any shape or size. This makes it perfect for degreasing larger car parts from even your trucks and SUVs. Standing over 6’ tall, the RS-750DS was designed to handle heavy-duty jobs and degrease more efficiently than any other parts washer around. While this bigger size and weight capacity allows this spray wash cabinet to fit your larger car parts, the large cabinet space also allows you to fit more parts in at a time. With the extra room you can clean and degrease faster than ever before.

Despite its large build, this spray wash cabinet doesn’t skimp on quality. Like all Ranger products, the RS-750DS was designed with quality materials, including its rust-free stainless steel parts, NEMA rated electrical panel and industrial, non-marring casters for easy movement. With all of the same features included in the RS-750D and a completely stainless steel construction, the RS-750DS will have your car parts shining like it does in no time at all!

Stainless steel construction

The RS-750DS is built to last with a completely rust-free stainless steel construction. More than just a rust-free composition and shiny look, this heavy-duty steel ensures that your parts washer was built to survive.

Fast-release door latch

Though it is completely secure when in use, opening the RS-750DS is easier than it looks. All it takes is a flick of the wrist to release and close the cabinet, while the interlocking door helps prevent any leakage while in use. Keeping both your parts washer and your floor as clean as the parts you wash.

Neoprene door seal

To prevent leaks and improve water and steam retention a leak-proof, neoprene door creates an edge-to-edge seal. This seal mitigates spills and evaporation by as much as 35%. This makes the cleaning process more efficient by maintaining water levels higher and longer.

Movable filter basket

Periodic maintenance is a breeze with advanced features like the movable filter basket that traps particles greater than 1/8”. The filter basket is easily removed to gain access to the cleansing tank for maintenance and cleaning.

Multi-directional sprayers

Powerful, extended-length and multi-directional sprayers remove grime and degrease car parts at a rapid pace. Sprayers effectively blast away grime from every direction while the detergent works to simultaneously dissolve any remaining dirt.

Steel oil skimming system

Stainless steel skimming system keeps your detergent and water clean and functional by removing oil and dumping it conveniently into a storage container. This oil stainless steel oil skimmer helps keep your parts washer clean and makes maintenance requirements simple!

Contamination-proof cabinet welds

Sturdy welds ensure that the inside of the cabinet is free from contamination of any kind. This seal prevents even microscopic debris from getting into the recirculating tank. This helps ensure that the nozzles and pumps remain unclogged, redirecting unwanted debris to the trap and filter.

Stainless steel nozzles

In addition to the completely stainless steel construction, the spray wash nozzles are also made of a rust-free stainless steel material. This material is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion which keeps your nozzles in perfect working order no matter how long you own it. The stainless steel nozzles disperse the cleaning solution evenly effectively blasting away dirt and grime from every direction.

Low water shut-off

The automatic low water shut-off feature cuts the power when the water level gets too low, saving your dual heaters from any potential damage. This shut-off feature is made from an industrial-grade stainless steel float switch that rises when the tank is full and descends as water evaporates. This self-regulation eliminates the potential for irreversible damage and keeps your parts washer in good working order.

Dual heaters

Dual heaters work in tandem to provide an even rise in temperature throughout the spray wash cabinet, heating the water up in only seconds! The secondary heater warms up the detergent which increases its efficiency while a smaller heater keeps the water warm and ready to be heated at a moment’s notice.

NEMA-rated electrical panel

Each NEMA-rated electrical panel is built with safety and efficiency in mind. The neoprene material that prevents steam, dirt and water from entering the electrical panel is the same high-grade material that securely seals the spray wash cabinet. Keeping the electrical components inside safe from harm. But that’s not all that makes it stand out. Inside this water-proofed electrical panel is a well-organized blend of circuitry and safety features, including control breakers, a thermostat, and oil skimmer timer and turntable. All of these key features keep your electrical panel working properly and allow easy signals that detect when water levels are low and safely shuts off power until the issue is solved.

Double-pole circuit breaker

The Eaton Cutler-Hammer 20/30 amp Quadplex Double-Pole Type BR Circuit Breaker features a 2-pole, 20 amp breaker for the heater and a separate 2-pole, 30 amp breaker for the motor and pump combination.

Non-marring casters

With a 1,000-lb. weight capacity it is important to be able to easily move your spray wash cabinet without damaging the floor. Non-marring casters make maneuvering even this bulky piece of equipment a breeze and the urethane caster ensure that your floor remains safe. These casters are made of a hardened rubber material that is both strong enough to handle heavy-duty equipment, and gives you a smooth ride as you roll the RS-750DS around to the perfect spot.

Durable turntable

A friction-drive turntable is the system behind the parts washer, and it cuts out the risk of motor damage by preventing jams that might otherwise occur within the cabinet and tank.

Industrial casters and convenient tank drain

Despite its large size, industrial strength castors ensure that your parts washer is ready to be moved anywhere. While convenient tank drain pipes help you maintain your spray wash cabinet by preventing debris from accumulating on the bottom.

Safety switch and timer dial

As a further safety measure a safety switch will automatically engage when the tank door is open, immediately shutting of the wash cycle. Features like this and the 60-minute cycle timer provide an easy-to-use and functional machine that is both safe and efficient.

Removable tree rack and components basket

This removable tree rack and components basket is essential for small parts and for maximizing parts washing space. The tree rack installs and removes easily instantly extending tank space and providing space for smaller parts like bolts, nuts and screws. Stainless-steel baskets hold all of your smaller car parts while allowing easy access to powerful spray washers, instantly degreasing and cleaning even your tiniest parts.  

Commercial-grade pump / motor combination

Parts washing cabinets come standard with a rear-mounted, commercial-grade centrifugal pump that provides the washing power. While this pump does all the heavy lifting, a protective covering comprised of 100% ductile cast iron and silicon carbide seals keep the machinery inside safe and dry. Thanks to stainless steel impellers that are rust-free, you get an extremely smart, safe and efficient design.

Hot cleaning

Hot water is an essential part of the cleaning process, that’s why we use a nickel-based, alloy-sheathed heater element to get our water cleaning-ready in as little time as possible.


An adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your parts washer up to 175°F, to achieve the perfect wash.

Aluma-Klean soap removes oil, stains and grease with ease

Ranger’s Aluma-Klean spray-wash detergent cleans and degreases aluminum, stainless-steel and other delicate parts without whitening the surface. Aluma-Klean parts cleaning soap is not a solvent, but rather a non-foaming, low pH, mild-alkali, water-soluble, powdered detergent especially formulated for high pressure heated parts washing systems. Incredible cleaning action removes grease, oil, baked on stains, carbon, protein and even some paint types.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Safe aqueous operation: No harsh chemicals
  • 53 gallon tank
  • Dual water heaters for quick startup
  • Heated cabinet w/ adjustable thermostat
  • High-power spray jets clean parts fast
  • Automatic low water shutoff
  • Removable tank screen
  • Stainless oil skimmer
  • Removable parts tree
  • Powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Full opening octagonal door
  • Large drain pipe
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Friction-drive turntable system
  • Neoprene-sealed wash cabinet
  • Contamination-proof interior welds
  • Gasket-free door
  • Small parts basket
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Free bucket and soap included

Overall height:

78" (1,981 mm)

Inside height:

54" (1,372 mm)

Inside width:

32" (813 mm)

Turntable diameter:

30" (762 mm)

Tank capacity:

53 gallons

Load capacity:

1,000 lbs. (454 kg)

Cycle timer:

0 - 60 minutes

Recommended floor space:

44" x 43" (1,118 mm x 1,092 mm)

Brass Nozzles:


Steel construction:

12 Gauge / .109 thickness

Pump output:

70 psi @ 70 gpm


1 HP / 208-230V / 60 Hz / 1 Ph - or - 3 HP / 380-415V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph

Electric heater:

6 kW

Water temperature:

160° - 180° F (71° - 82° C)

Shipping weight:

710 lbs. (322 kg)

Shipping dimensions:

46'' x 46'' x 79'' (1,168 mm x 1,168 mm x 2,006 mm)


Ranger RS-750DS User Manual
Ranger RS-750DS Sales Sheet
Ranger RS-750DS Warranty

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