Swenson Shear 64” Hip and Valley Metal Roofing Shear M64

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Product Description

Swenson Shear 64” Hip and Valley Metal Roofing Shear M64

The Hip and Valley Roofing Shear is the optimal metal roofing tool for cutting hips and valleys on your metal roof panels.

  • Eliminates burred edges and flying metal.  
  • Ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels, with the ability to shear straight at 90 degrees and up to a 9/12 valley.
  • Makes cutting exposed fastener panel extremely easy.

The Hip and Valley Shear comes with one custom blade set. Each blade set is custom-made to accommodate a specific profile and pitch. The base of the shear is built to accommodate interchangeable blades. When needing to cut a different profile, additional blade sets are available to order.

The shear is transportable, weighs 160 lbs. and designed and manufactured in the USA.

    Blade Information Capabilities

    Straight Blade: Will shear straight at 90* and do up to a 2/12 gable

    Valley Blades: A separate blade set will be needed for each valley angle

    Interchangeable Blade Sets:  The blade sets can be changed to accommodate any manufacturers panel profile. Separate blades will be needed for each panel profile or to achieve various valley angles.

    Ideal For: Valley angles



    Max Cut Width: Can shear exposed fastener panel up to 64″ in width

    Recommended Panel Thickness: 24 gauge

    Blades: Each shear comes with one set of blades attached to the shear.

    Blades are custom made to match the exposed fastener panel profile needed.

    Cuts Achievable: Can cut straight at 90* and up to a 9/12 valley with additional blade sets.

    Switching Blades: Switching between blade sets takes only a few minute.

    All that is needed is 3/16″ Allen Wrench and 1/2″ wrench.

    Lifetime of Blades: Blades have been shown to last for thousands of cuts with proper care.

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