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Bartell Global

Bartell Global is best known for its high-quality equipment in the form of surface preparation equipment, construction tools and more. If you are in need of surface preparation equipment for your jobsite, we have the right tools to help you through your construction process.

Bartell Global is a company made up of six premium brands that has a history of site preparation, surface preparation, metalforming, construction, concrete finishing and more. The company has produced a series of tools that can assist with the best quality of site prep and the best quality of construction work.

Our company offers a wide range of these components to purchase. We can provide assistance with Bartell Plate Compactors, Bartell Power Trowels, Bartell Concrete Buggies, large scale saws, mixers and more. No matter what your construction project may require or the solutions that will work best with your job site, Bartell Global has a wide range of products ready to suit your needs. Each of the construction components that are provided by Bartell Global are built with quality and with components which are designed to last over the long term.

The tools feature heavy duty hosing, strong motors, heavy metal components and other features that will offer the best level of support to customers when they require quality support in construction. Check out the very popular Terminator Infinity Floor Scraper

Accessing Bartell Global tools can be an excellent way to improve your job site applications and to ensure that you will be able to enjoy better performance on site from a qualified construction partner.

Contact us today to learn more about the construction equipment that we have on offer from Bartell Global and the surface preparation equipment that we can use to assist you.

If you work in the construction industry, you know the hassle associated with flattening and finishing concrete. Working by hand is outdated and increases work time, which costs your business in terms of customer satisfaction. Check out the amazing range of construction equipment at Bartell Global to make your life easier and boost your business, including:

  • Concrete mixers
  • Concrete buggies/power buggies
  • Power trowels for finishing concrete
  • Materials spreaders

We offer walk-behind power trowels for finishing smaller patches of concrete. If you're on a bigger job, check out our range of ride-on power trowels — which are as fun to operate as they are efficient. If you're working with materials like soil or sand, our exceptional range of plate compactors offers many solutions that provide a professional finish and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Bartell Global also offers high-quality industrial saws and generators. These are portable and are ideal for transporting to job sites. Our more powerful generators can provide energy for multiple power tools at once, while our smaller options are easy to take with you when space is limited or for smaller-scale jobs. Likewise, we offer saws that can tackle heavy-duty cutting and have lightweight options perfect for job sites that are more difficult to access.

The range of surface preparation equipment from Bartell Global is second to none. We offer: 

• Concrete grinders — the best tools available for preparing concrete before application 
• Shot blasters — the most effective tools in the business for clearing a surface before you apply new materials 
• Multistrippers — walk-behind machinery that allows you to easily remove a surface before you apply a new layer 
• Ride-on options — ride-on machinery to strip floors, blast surfaces, and get your surface ready from a comfortable seat 

The ride-on tools you'll find in our store are manufactured in the UK by industry experts. We source all of our equipment from the finest providers and won't accept second-best — and neither should you. Shop at the Bartell Global store for surface preparation equipment today and transform your work practices.

The best machinery is at its most effective when it's equipped with the right parts. That's why we sell the highest quality tooling to augment your machinery and keep it running smoothly.

From durable grizzly trowel blades that will stand the test of time to diamond blades for saws, you can find everything you need for tooling at Bartell Global. Our diamond blades for saws are designed for a range of applications — we understand that you need the right blade for the right job. Check out our incredible range of diamond saw blades to find the perfect option for your construction needs. 

Bartell Global also provides a wide range of grinding and polishing tooling options. For the perfect finish that will keep your customers coming back for more, check out our range of grinding wheels and blocks.

Bartell Global offers the highest quality metal forming service via our partnered brand, Precision Metal Works. From product engineering to quality-proofing, we offer the best solutions for areas including:

  • Automotive engineering
  • Home appliances
  • Medical engineering
  • Hardware production

If your business requires high-quality metal forming, look no further than our store. We take pride in our work and deliver only the highest standard of metal forming for all applications. Talk to us to further discuss your metal forming needs.

Order Your Construction Equipment From Bartell Global Today!

Whether you're looking for top-quality construction equipment or specially designed equipment made from the finest metals, Bartell Global has you covered. Get in touch to discuss bespoke items or find what you're looking for on our collection page.