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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 products
PH9000SB Self Balancing Pipe Hook PH9000SBKenco PH9000SB Self Balancing Pipe Hook PH9000SB
Save $549.99
KL30000 Barrier Lift KL30K6T12KL30000 Barrier Lift KL30K6T12

KL30000 Barrier Lift

Sale price$8,450.00 Regular price$8,999.99
Save $124.99
Kenco KL16000 Barrier Lifter KL16K4T12V4Kenco KL16000 Barrier Lifter KL16K4T12V4

Kenco KL16000 Barrier Lifter

Sale price$6,875.00 Regular price$6,999.99
Save $1,049.99
KL40000 Barrier Lift KL40K6T12

KL40000 Barrier Lift

Sale price$10,950.00 Regular price$11,999.99
Save $49.99
Kenco KL12000 Barrier Lift KL12K6T12V4Kenco KL12000 Barrier Lift KL12K6T12V4

Kenco KL12000 Barrier Lift

Sale price$5,950.00 Regular price$5,999.99
Save $1,049.99
Kenco PL8500 Pipe Lift PL8500Kenco PL8500 Pipe Lift PL8500

Kenco PL8500 Pipe Lift

Sale price$11,950.00 Regular price$12,999.99
Save $1,049.99
Kenco PL4500 Pipe Lift PL4500Kenco PL4500 Pipe Lift PL4500

Kenco PL4500 Pipe Lift

Sale price$8,950.00 Regular price$9,999.99
Kenco PL7000 Pipe Lift PL7000Kenco PL7000 Pipe Lift PL7000

Kenco PL7000 Pipe Lift

Sale price$9,750.00
PL3500 Pipe Lift PL3500PL3500 Pipe Lift PL3500

PL3500 Pipe Lift

Sale price$4,750.00
Save $549.99
Kenco KL9000FLL Barrier Lift KL9K12T18V4Kenco KL9000FLL Barrier Lift KL9K12T18V4

Kenco KL9000FLL Barrier Lift

Sale price$4,950.00 Regular price$5,499.99
PL3000 Pipe Lift PL3000PL3000 Pipe Lift PL3000

PL3000 Pipe Lift

Sale price$3,650.00
Save $249.99
MG6000 Rocklift MG6K15T40V4MG6000 Rocklift MG6K15T40V4

Kenco MG6000 Rocklift

Sale price$5,750.00 Regular price$5,999.99
PL2500 Pipe Lift PL2500PL2500 Pipe Lift PL2500

PL2500 Pipe Lift

Sale price$3,150.00
Save $649.99
Kenco PL2750 Pipe Lift PL2750Kenco PL2750 Pipe Lift PL2750

Kenco PL2750 Pipe Lift

Sale price$3,350.00 Regular price$3,999.99
PL2150 Pipe Lift PL2150

PL2150 Pipe Lift

Sale price$2,750.00
Save $249.99
MG12000 Rocklift MG12K24T60V4MG12000 Rocklift MG12K24T60V4

Kenco MG12000 Rocklift

Sale price$9,750.00 Regular price$9,999.99
PH9000 Mechanical Pipe Hook PH9000Kenco PH9000 Mechanical Pipe Hook PH9000
PH30000 Mechanical Pipe Hook PH30000
Save $249.99
Kenco PH12000 Mechanical Pipe Hook PH12000

Kenco PH12000 Mechanical Pipe Hook

Sale price$7,750.00 Regular price$7,999.99
Save $1,024.99
PH18000 Mechanical Pipe Hook PH18000

Kenco PH18000 Mechanical Pipe Hook

Sale price$8,975.00 Regular price$9,999.99
PH3500SB Self Balancing Pipe Hook PH3500SB
Save $349.99
Kenco Bin Block Lifter BLK6K24T30Kenco Bin Block Lifter BLK6K24T30

Kenco Bin Block Lifter

Sale price$5,650.00 Regular price$5,999.99
Save $549.99
Kenco Double Barrier Lifter BTH-1

Kenco Double Barrier Lifter

Sale price$6,450.00 Regular price$6,999.99
Save $49.99
ML12K14T88V1 Kenco Multilift ML12K14T88V1ML12K14T88V1 Kenco Multilift ML12K14T88V1

Kenco ML12K14T88V1 Multilift

Sale price$12,950.00 Regular price$12,999.99
Jib Boom For ExcavatorsJib Boom For Excavators

Kenco Excavator Jib Boom

Sale price$3,000.00
Save $645.99
KL 12000TLP "Texas Low Profile" Barrier Lift KL12000TLPKL 12000TLP "Texas Low Profile" Barrier Lift KL12000TLP

KL 12000TLP "Texas Low Profile" Barrier Lift

Sale price$6,850.00 Regular price$7,495.99
TSL15C4T16 Monument Lift TSL15C4T16TSL15C4T16 Monument Lift TSL15C4T16
PL2250 Pipe Lift PL2250PL2250 Pipe Lift PL2250

PL2250 Pipe Lift

Sale price$2,950.00
Save $345.99
Kenco Multilift - ML3K5T32V3 ML3K5T32V3Kenco Multilift - ML3K5T32V3 ML3K5T32V3

Kenco Multilift - ML3K5T32V3

Sale price$4,150.00 Regular price$4,495.99
PL1500 Pipe Lift PL1500

Kenco PL1500 Pipe Lift

Sale price$2,150.00
Save $745.99
MG3000 Rocklift MG3K0T30V4

Kenco MG3000 Rocklift

Sale price$3,750.00 Regular price$4,495.99
Save $449.99
Multilift- ML8K10T48V1 ML8K10T48V1Multilift- ML8K10T48V1 ML8K10T48V1

Kenco Multilift- ML8K10T48V1

Sale price$5,550.00 Regular price$5,999.99
Save $249.99
Multilift ML8K10T68V1 ML8K10T68V1Multilift ML8K10T68V1 ML8K10T68V1

Kenco Multilift ML8K10T68V1

Sale price$5,750.00 Regular price$5,999.99
Save $349.99
KL9000 Barrier Lift KL9K6T12V4Kenco KL9000 Barrier Lift KL9K6T12V4

Kenco KL9000 Barrier Lift

Sale price$4,650.00 Regular price$4,999.99
Save $349.99
Kenco PL2000 Pipe Lift PL2000

Kenco PL2000 Pipe Lift

Sale price$2,650.00 Regular price$2,999.99

Maximize Efficiency: Explore Kenco Attachments for Construction & Demolition

In the world of construction and demolition, efficiency and reliability are king. That's where Kenco Attachments come into play. I've seen firsthand how the right tools can transform a project from a logistical nightmare into a streamlined dream. Kenco's lineup, known for its durability and versatility, promises to do just that. Whether you're lifting heavy stones, clearing debris, or tackling a complex demolition job, there's a Kenco attachment designed to make your work easier. In this text, I'll jump into what makes Kenco Attachments a go-to choice for professionals in the field, highlighting their key features and the variety of tasks they excel at. Join me as we explore how Kenco is changing the game in construction and demolition, one attachment at a time.

What are Kenco Attachments?

When I first encountered Kenco Attachments, I was immediately struck by the sheer variety and purpose each attachment served in the construction and demolition sectors. These aren't your everyday tools; they're high-quality, durable pieces of machinery, tailor-made to enhance efficiency and reliability on the job. Kenco manufactures a wide range of attachments, each designed to fit seamlessly with different types of heavy machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and loaders.

At the core, Kenco Attachments are built to handle some of the most challenging tasks on a construction site. From lifting heavy stones with precision to clearing vast amounts of debris after a demolition, these attachments make the tough jobs look easy. The durability of Kenco's equipment is something that stood out to me. Constructed with high-grade materials, these attachments are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use under challenging conditions.

One of the standout aspects of Kenco's product lineup is the versatility. Whether it's a construction project requiring delicate handling of historic stones or a demolition job needing robust equipment to break through concrete, there's a Kenco attachment designed for the task. This versatility not only improves project efficiency but also significantly reduces downtime caused by equipment mismatches.

For operators, Kenco Attachments offer ease of use and quick attachment to machinery, which I find particularly beneficial. Time is always of the essence in construction, and the less of it spent on preparing equipment, the better. With these attachments, swapping out tools and getting right to work becomes a streamlined process, greatly enhancing overall project productivity.

In exploring the key features and benefits of Kenco Attachments, I've come to understand why they're considered game-changers in the construction and demolition sectors. Their impact on project efficiency and reliability cannot be overstated, marking them as essential tools for industry professionals looking to stay competitive and productive.

Durability and Versatility of Kenco Attachments

When I'm on the lookout for heavy-duty equipment that won't let me down, my go-to has always been Kenco Attachments. Let's talk about the durability and versatility, two aspects that make these tools something I can't afford to miss in my line-up. Understanding why can set you ahead in making an informed choice for your next project.

First off, durability isn't just a buzzword with Kenco. It's a foundational promise. Built to endure the toughest jobs, these attachments have been a game-changer for me. From lifting massive boulders with a Barrier Lift to trenching with their PowerLift, I've hammered, lifted, and excavated under extreme conditions without a hitch.

Their secret? High-quality materials and a strict manufacturing process. Kenco employs only the best materials, ensuring each attachment can handle the high stress and wear they undergo daily. Whether it's harsh weather or rugged terrain, these tools don't just survive; they thrive.

Onto versatility, Kenco Attachments have a unique ability to fit various machinery types. I've used them with different brands and models of excavators, backhoes, and loaders. This adaptability has saved me time and money, allowing me to switch tasks without switching machines. Imagine moving from a demolition project in the morning to grading or trenching in the afternoon with the same machine, thanks to a quick attachment switch. That's the kind of seamless efficiency I'm talking about.

Here are a few Kenco Attachments that I've found invaluable:

  • Barrier Lifts: For moving heavy blocks with precision.
  • Pipe Hooks: For easy handling of pipes.
  • Rocklift: Picks up rocks of various shapes and sizes.

Each attachment has proved its worth by performing tasks that seemed daunting, simplifying my work while enhancing productivity.

In short, the blend of durability and versatility Kenco Attachments offer is unparalleled. Whether it's the construction of a new site or a demolition project, these tools have become indispensable assets in my arsenal. With Kenco, I'm always ready to tackle the next challenge head-on, knowing I have the best tools for the job.

Key Features of Kenco Attachments

When I'm on the lookout for the best attachments for my construction projects, I always turn to Kenco because their features set them apart. Here's what makes Kenco Attachments my go-to choice.

Durable Construction: One of the standout features of Kenco Attachments is their unmatched durability. These attachments are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty construction work. They're built from high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring a long service life even under the toughest conditions.

Versatility: Kenco Attachments are engineered for versatility. With a wide range of attachments available, including Barrier Lifts, Pipe Hooks, and Rocklifts, they fit a variety of machinery from different manufacturers. This adaptability allows me to switch between tasks effortlessly without needing to switch machines, optimizing workflow and boosting productivity on the job site.

Easy Installation and Operation

Installing and operating Kenco Attachments is a breeze. Their design ensures a quick and secure attachment to machinery, saving me valuable time and reducing downtime on projects. Also, many Kenco Attachments feature automatic mechanisms that enhance their functionality, allowing for safer and more efficient handling of materials.


Investing in Kenco Attachments has proven to be cost-effective for my projects. Their durability means fewer replacements over time, and their efficiency contributes to reduced labor costs and faster project completion. By integrating these attachments into my operations, I've noticed a significant improvement in both productivity and the bottom line.

Overall, Kenco Attachments embody the perfect blend of durability, versatility, ease of use, and cost-efficiency. Their design and functionality cater to the demanding needs of construction and demolition projects, making them an indispensable asset for professionals in the field.

Variety of Tasks Kenco Attachments Excel at

Kenco Attachments are not just versatile; they're pivotal in transforming how I tackle complex construction and demolition tasks. From lifting heavy barriers to relocating rocks and handling pipes, their range of applications is astounding. I've found that these attachments have alleviated many challenges, bringing efficiency and safety to the forefront of my projects.

Lifting and Moving Heavy Objects is where Kenco excels. Their Barrier Lifts make light work of large concrete barriers, something I've always found daunting. The precision and stability these attachments offer is unrivaled. Similarly, the Rocklift attachments can grasp and move bulky rocks securely, a task that used to require significant manpower and time. The ease with which these attachments operate has significantly boosted my productivity, allowing for quicker project turnaround.

Handling pipes, especially in large diameters, used to be a logistical nightmare. But, Kenco's Pipe Hooks have simplified this task enormously. Their design ensures that pipes are not only lifted safely but also positioned accurately. This precision is crucial in avoiding material damage and ensuring each piece fits perfectly in its designated spot, reducing the risk of project delays.

In landscaping and excavation tasks, the adaptability of these attachments is brilliantly displayed. They can easily switch between lifting, moving, and placing various materials, making them indispensable tools. Whether it's clearing land, moving boulders for aesthetic purposes, or excavating areas for foundational work, Kenco Attachments have proven their worth time and again.

Also, their integration with different machinery types only enhances their utility. Whether it’s a standard backhoe, a compact excavator, or a skid steer loader, attaching and optimizing these tools is incredibly straightforward. This compatibility ensures that I'm not limited by the type of machinery at hand, further expanding the scope of projects I can undertake efficiently.

Summarizing, the breadth of tasks that Kenco Attachments excel at is vast, encompassing critical aspects of construction and demolition work. With every project, I've found these attachments to be invaluable tools that enhance productivity, ensure safety, and provide the versatility needed to tackle various challenges effectively.

How Kenco Attachments are Changing the Game

When I first came across Kenco Attachments, I was genuinely intrigued by how these tools are revolutionizing the construction and demolition sectors. Their innovative features and superior durability not only simplify complex tasks but significantly enhance job site efficiency and safety. In this segment, I'll investigate into the game-changing aspects of Kenco Attachments and why they're becoming indispensable in today's construction industry.

Kenco's range of attachments is designed with precision engineering and robust materials, ensuring they withstand the rigors of heavy-duty projects. One remarkable aspect is the Quick Disconnect feature, which allows for rapid attachment changes without compromising reliability. This not only saves valuable time but also enables a seamless transition between tasks, ensuring project timelines are met with ease.

Another pivotal innovation is the Self-Leveling technology found in certain Kenco attachments. This technology automates adjustments to keep loads balanced, markedly reducing the risk of accidents and material damage. It's particularly beneficial during complex lifting operations where precision is key. The safety and efficiency this feature brings to the job site cannot be overstated.

Besides, I've noticed that Kenco Attachments cater to a diverse range of applications. From landscaping and pipe laying to heavy lifting and demolition, there’s a Kenco attachment designed to meet the specific needs of the task at hand. Their versatility not only makes them a cost-effective solution for varied project requirements but also ensures that businesses can achieve more with a single piece of equipment.

Kenco's commitment to innovation is evident in their continual development of attachments that address common industry challenges. Whether it's enhancing safety, improving efficiency, or providing versatile solutions, Kenco Attachments are setting new standards in the construction and demolition fields.


Exploring the world of Kenco Attachments has been an enlightening journey. I've seen firsthand how these tools are not just equipment but game-changers in the construction and demolition industry. Their durability and versatility are unmatched, making every task from lifting heavy objects to precise landscaping work seem effortless. With features like Quick Disconnect and Self-Leveling technology, Kenco Attachments not only boost productivity but also prioritize safety and efficiency on the job site. It's clear that Kenco's commitment to innovation and addressing industry challenges head-on sets them apart. For anyone looking to elevate their construction or demolition projects, integrating Kenco Attachments is a decision you won't regret. They're the kind of investment that pays dividends in productivity, safety, and versatility, making them an indispensable part of your toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kenco Attachments so durable for heavy-duty projects?

Kenco Attachments are designed with precision engineering and high-quality materials, making them robust enough for heavy-duty construction and demolition projects.

How do Kenco Attachments enhance productivity in construction and demolition?

By simplifying tasks such as lifting heavy objects and handling pipes through specialized attachments like Barrier Lifts, Pipe Hooks, and Rocklifts, Kenco Attachments significantly increase work efficiency.

Can Kenco Attachments handle a variety of tasks?

Yes, Kenco Attachments are versatile tools capable of performing a wide range of tasks including landscaping, excavation, and more, catering to the diverse needs of construction and demolition projects.

What key features do Kenco Attachments offer?

Kenco Attachments offer features like Quick Disconnect for rapid attachment changes, Self-Leveling technology for balanced loads, and are built for ease of installation and operation, enhancing their efficiency and versatility.

Are Kenco Attachments cost-effective?

Yes, Kenco Attachments are designed to be cost-effective by increasing productivity, reducing downtime, and providing long-lasting durability, making them a valuable investment for construction and demolition projects.

What new technologies have been introduced in Kenco Attachments?

Recent innovations in Kenco Attachments include precision engineering, Quick Disconnect features for easier attachment changes, and Self-Leveling technology to ensure balanced loads, all aimed at improving functionality and performance.

How do Kenco Attachments prioritize safety?

The design and functionality of Kenco Attachments prioritize safety by ensuring secure handling of heavy materials, reducing the risk of accidents during construction and demolition tasks.

How does Kenco's commitment to innovation impact the industry?

Kenco's dedication to innovation addresses industry challenges by creating attachments that set new standards in efficiency, safety, and versatility, thereby significantly impacting the construction and demolition fields.

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