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Oasis Air Compressors

Oasis Air Compressors

Oasis air compressors are high-quality DC powered compressor that can be used in various applications with outstanding performance. It can run a 1/2" impact wrench without the aid of a tank. The design of the device is very unique which helps to remain cool even in the most extreme conditions by reducing the operating system temperature. 

  • Low maintenance: It is designed with, fine cylinder head, perfect circle control rings to the pistons, and an internal oil reservoir with a crankcase vent help it to, lower down the temperature and reduce the discharge of lubricant. All these parameters make it more efficient to perform and there is no need for maintenance.
  • Motor cooling system: A fan with a motor operating system is attached that helps it to stay cool and avoid the buildup of heat in the motor, this feature increases the running time of the device.
  • Low Voltage cut off: Special design with solid-state electronics helps to protect against burning and motor stalling by automatic shut down upon changing in voltage. 
  • Air Filters: Air filters are made up of high-grade material that provides a high flow of air and are with long life span. 
  • Swedish steel valves: Swedish steel valves provide a high flow that increases the performance and durability of the device. 
  • Control wire: Compressor has Control wire with connection points for optional pressure. 
  • Indicates low voltage: indicator is available that indicates the low voltage of the device. 
  • Environmental friendly design:     The design of the compressor is environmentally friendly with no exhaust fumes and low noise that keeps the environment free from air and noise pollution.
  • Applications: Mining, agriculture, off-road, Motor Coach, Tow Truck, and work truck, News and surveillance, and military or government use. 
  • Models: Oasis air compressors have several popular models: 

1) Oasis xd4000

2) Oasis 12v Air Compressors

3) Oasis xd3000