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Power King Stump Grinders

One of the best tools that we have available for rentals include the Power King Stump Grinder. The power King stump grinder is a 14hp stump grinder that weighs in at 396 lbs. featuring a blade dimension of 12 inches in diameter 3.5” is thick, this device can cut stumps up to 20 inches tall and 9 inches below the ground. The blades on board tear through stumps quickly and the device can make short work of a stump when it needs to power through it.

Powerking is a manufacturer that is known for its quality and craftsmanship. Each of their stump grinders comes with a dual bolt design and a full locking throttle including a disk drum brake for pivot cutting and a three-year warranty. These devices are designed for easy use through a rental and they can quickly cut through stumps and debris to clear your yard and to remove stumps with very little effort. They are great on fuel and they include dual V belts as well as tungstem tough blades along the stump cutter.

The comfort and control on these models is superb thanks to the large pipe bow handle and the added comfort and control from the dual bolt cutting tools. You will feel very little vibration through these devices and some of the best in cutting power available on the market today. The bolt cutting tools and the quality of the construction in this rig makes it a very high quality item for you to consider for rental in stump removal.

If you have been having trouble with stumps on your property, this is a device that will help you quickly remove stumps and enjoy a better process with your landscaping. Contact us for comprehensive assistance on your Power King Stump Grinder.