Lincoln POWER WAVE 300C Standard Multiprocess Welder - K4487-1

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The Power Wave® 300C Advanced Process Welder features best-in-class performance as the industry’s only true 300 Amp, 100% duty cycle, all-process machine.

From technical training to industrial fabrication, Lincoln Electric is introducing an all-new industrial 300 Amp, Do-Everything Power Wave. Packed with all of the performance and leading-edge technology you expect from a Power Wave system, now completely revamped to take the industrial “all-in-one” class of welders to the next level.


  • Best-in-Class Performance - Industry’s only true 300 Amp, 100% Duty Cycle, All- Process Machine.
  • All-Process Versatility - SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, CAG processes
  • Advanced Connectivity and Control - All Power Wave systems come standard with access to Lincoln Electric Power Wave Manager and Lincoln Electric Checkpoint® Production Monitoring allowing for advanced remote configuration, process control, and quality assurance.
  • Patented PowerConnect® Technology - Automatically adjusts to input power from 200-600V, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase or three phase. Welding output remains constant through the entire input voltage range.
  • Tribrid® Power Module - Exceptional welding performance with high power factor and efficiency.
  • Optional 115V (10A) AC Duplex Auxiliary Power Receptacle - Features Surge Blocker™ Technology to ensure simultaneous welding performance is not compromised by high starting current devices such as grinders (typically requiring 60A or more peak surge current).
  • Ready-to-Run - Design features for simple and straightforward operation, including cable management hooks, integrated cart with tilting bottle rack, and Twist-Mate™ TIG connection and gas solenoid.
  • Smart Fan Operation - Only runs when needed to minimize noise and energy consumption.


    Machines Processes Stick (SMAW)
    Gouging (CAC-A)
    Flux-Cored (FCAW)
    TIG (GTAW)
    MIG (GMAW)
    Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
    Max Rating 350
    Output Range by Mode GMAW: 350A / 31.5 V/ 40% GMAW: 300A / 29 V / 100% SMAW: 325A / 33V / 40% SMAW: 280A / 31.2V/100% FCAW: 350A / 31.5 V/ 40% FCAW: 300A / 29 V / 100% GTAW: 325A / 23V / 40% GTAW: 300A / 22V / 100%
    Data Technologies Ethernet
    Machines Communication Technology ArcLink
    Amphenol Pins (type of connector) 12
    Work Lead Connector Type Dinse
    Work Cable Length 10 FT

    Wire and TIG Feeders

    Number of driven rolls 2 rolls
    Configuration Single
    Communication Technology ArcLink
    Wire Configuration Single
    Accesories Communication Connector Type 12-pin
    MIG-WireFeeders Yes
    MIGPulse-WireFeeders Yes
    Wire Feeders Processes MIG
    Pulsed MIG
    Flux Cored

    Basic Specification

    Input Voltage 200-208/220-230/380-415/460/575/1/3/50/60
    Input Current 3ph /1ph / 40% Duty Cycle: 44/40/25/20/16.5, 3ph /1ph/ 100% Duty Cycle: 35/32/19.5/16/14
    Input Hertz 50/60
    Input Power 208/230/380/415/460/575/1/3/50/60
    Input Phase 1/3 ph
    Mode Icon CC/CV
    Output Range 5-350A
    Polarity DC
    Rated Output 100% - 35/32/19.5/16/14


    Typical Application General Fabrication


    Warranty 5 Years

    What's Included

    • Power Wave 300C Standard (K4487-1)
    • 10ft (3.0m) Input Power Cord
    • Magnum PRO Curve 300 Gun Ready-Pak (K2951-2-6-45)
    • Harris Flowmeter/Regulator and Hose Kit (3100856)
    • 10ft Work Lead
    • .035/.045 Combination V Groove Drive Rolls (Included in Wire Drive Assembly) (KP1696-1)


    The VRTEX® Mobile simulates the GMAW (short arc, spray, pulse and STT® metal transfers) and FCAW (Self-shielded and Gas-shielded) processes in the standard system.  SMAW (E6010, E6013, and E7018) is an optional hardware and software kit.

    SMAW (Optional on VRTEX® Mobile)

    • E6010 (Fleetweld®® 5P+)
    • E7018 (Excalibur® 7018)
    • E6013 (Fleetweld® 37)


    • Short Arc (.035” SuperArc® L-56)
    • Axial Spray (.045” SuperArc® L-56)
    • Pulse (.045” SuperArc® L-56)
    • STT® Surface Tension Transfer® (.045” SuperArc® L-56)


    • Gas-shielded .045 “ (UltraCore® 71A85)
    • Self-Shielded 5/64” (Innershield® NR-232)

    The VRTEX® Mobile comes with 3 welding coupons (Flat Plate, Tee Joint, Groove Joint) that can be used in limited positions.

    • Plate: Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead
    • Pipe: 2G, 5G and 6G
    • The VRTEX® Mobile supports limited positions:
    • Plate: Flat, Horizontal and Vertical
    • Push and drag GMAW techniques
    • Stringer beads
    • Weave techniques – straight, triangle and box weave

    Recently released! The VRTEX® has now expanded language support for Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian.

    Input current: 4A @ 115, 2A @ 230

    • The VRTEX® system requires a space of 8’ L x 8’ D x 8’ H (2.4 m x 2.4 m x 2.4 m).
    • When operating multiple units in one location, alternate between standard and alternate frequency systems (unique part numbers are identified).
    • The VRTEX® system is not designed for operation in harsh environments. Recommendations are listed in the instruction manual.
    • Avoid magnetic fields, conductive and high frequency objects and processes.
    • An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) may be required for protection of the system from power irregularities and/or disruptions
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