Ranger RB24T Truck Wheel Balancer With Deluxe Adapter Kit And Quick-Chuck Gray-Yellow - 5140149

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Product Description

Ranger RB24T Truck Wheel Balancer With Deluxe Adapter Kit And Quick-Chuck Gray-Yellow - 5140149

The Ranger RB24T truck wheel balancer is specially suited for high‐volume commercial tire dealers and truck fleets. Most bargain brand balancers on the market are simply standard balancers with larger mounting cones. The RB24T is a real truck balancer with real fast startup and braking speeds


The Super-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer

The Ranger RB24T truck wheel balancer is a heavyweight wheel balancer suited especially for high‐volume commercial tire dealers and truck fleets. It handles tires up to 50” in diameter, 20” wide and rim sizes up to 30” in diameter. Although best suited for bus, truck and OTR wheels, it’s capable and fully equipped to accommodate automobiles and light truck wheels as well. Featuring Ranger’s proprietary Drive‐Check™ technology, it’s a powerful, vibration detection balancing solution that simulates road and driving speed conditions and automatically measures computer‐generated imbalance of the tire and wheel assembly. It then recommends the most cost-effective weight optimization correction, which minimizes weight usage and maximizes productivity. An integrated wheel lift easily lifts the heaviest wheel assemblies for effortless mounting on the balancer.

A full menu of time-saving features include dynamic, static and performance alloy settings, allowing you to balance large and small wheel configurations with minimal effort and speed. Brightly displayed LED indicators mark the exact amount and location for wheel weight placement in mere seconds. Like all Ranger wheel balancers, the RB24T is commercial‐grade for perfectly balanced wheels around the clock, day after day.

DriveCheck™ technology

Only available through Ranger Products, Drive-Check technology makes rotational measurements easier and faster than ever before, which means identifying and repairing unbalanced rides is now a breeze. The RB24T truck wheel balancer is extremely precise. Its software performs a driving simulation before measuring the tire and wheel for imbalances. It also looks for run-out on the rim and tire. Before you mount your wheel back on your truck, the RB24T’s Drive-Check ability will have identified virtually every possible complication. This wheel balancer simply makes technicians’ work easy to handle and renders more accurate results.

Highly precise digital sensor technology

The highly precise and accurate RB24T features 64‐bit architecture and single‐chip technology, delivering the fastest and most accurate rotational readings of any tech we have ever delivered. Ranger’s single‐chip architecture uses less hardware, which reduces maintenance costs; likewise, equipment life cycle is increased. An extremely fast, dedicated hyper transport protocol allows data to communicate with the micro‐processor at much faster speeds. This means lower power consumption, reduced heat output and better stability/accuracy when balancing wheels.

An ergonomic control board and easy‐to‐read LED display with vibrant visual cues and keypad to improve efficiency and proper balancing techniques for faster floor‐to‐floor times.

Perfectly balanced vibration: free counter-weighted flywheel belt drive offers performance and dependability under all load conditions. Serpentine belt features a polyester‐aramid fiber composite core to resist degradation of functional performance under extreme operating conditions.

Three‐phase, 380V drive‐motor for efficient starting under heavy loads. Built‐in digital solid‐state phase converter provides the required power regardless of single or three phase power supply.

Multidirectional quartz piezoelectric force sensors

The RB24T uses highly precise dual‐component piezoelectric quartz load sensors combined with a single digital rotation encoder that together measure the longitudinal, transversal and shear effects for multi‐directional force unbalance detection. Sensors comprised of fine quartz mean you get extremely high frequency detection in all measurable directions.

Automatic weight optimization

The RB24T truck wheel balancer automatically calculates the minimum weight needed for an optimal balance, which is critical for massive truck wheels. You’ll use less weight because your readings are more accurate, and save big over time.

User-friendly operation

A touch‐pad display panel simplifies speed entry of wheel data and helps guide technicians through balancing procedures. Operator function keys are labeled with simple, easy‐to-read icons to help identify and command all balancing functions. Bright LED weight placement indicators show weight positions as the wheel is gently rolled to exact top‐dead‐center. A pneumatic braking system automatically engages and secures the wheel firmly in place as soon as the weight placement indicators light up.

Three-phase drive motor

Although single phase motors are versatile, they have their limitations, especially in heavy start‐up conditions. Single phase motors require special starting arrangements, such as capacitors, additional windings and switches, in order to get them turning under load. The RB24T features a robust 380V three‐phase drive motor to overcome these limitations and get heavy wheels spinning quickly. A built‐in digital solid‐state phase converter produces three‐phase output voltage, regardless of single or three-phase power supply.

Quickchuck kit

Our quick‐chuck kit reduces operator fatigue and decreases set‐up times dramatically. Installation and accuracy is not affected by the weight of the wheel, because the auto‐centering, hardened steel wheel‐holding supports lift, hold and automatically center heavy wheels with ease. Perfectly balanced three‐jaw chuck features a forged steel body and hardened wheel‐supports and gear slides.

Adjustable flange plate and stud kit

A universal flange plate kit features multi‐position interchangeable pins to provide quick setup and universal fitment. The kit adapts to varying lug bolt circles.

Standard cone kit

The RB24T tooling package includes a fully equipped six‐piece cone kit for full coverage of most all wheel configurations, from cars and light trucks to super‐duty truck, bus and OTR. This well‐equipped package includes five standard cones and one dual tapered cone. Individual cone sizes: 2.00” ‐ 2.75”, 2.75”‐ 4.00”, 4.00” - 5.75”, 6.00” - 6.50”, 6.75” - 8.00”, 8.25” - 9.00”, and 10.75” - 11.50”.

No more heavy lifting

An integrated wheel lift helps technicians mount wheels effortlessly on the balancer, preventing potential injuries and reducing fatigue. The 500‐lb. capacity push button-controlled wheel lift quickly raises the wheel to exact heights, and a bearing-mounted slider positions them for easy mounting. One-handed operation means the technicians’ free hand remains able to control the wheel assembly once it is lifted into the mounting position.

Superior stopping power

Heavy wheels need power-assisted braking in order to safely reduce wheel spin. The faster the wheel starts and stops, the more increases in productivity and profits. The RB‐24T features electro‐magnetic pulse control combined with pneumatic braking to get heavy wheels stopping in mere seconds. The pneumatic braking system engages automatically as soon as the weight placement indicator is positioned at top‐dead‐center. Automatic air brakes hold wheels firmly in place during surface preparation and weight placement operations. Upfront controls on the display panel allow you to engage and disengage the pneumatic brake with the simple push of a button.



  • Dynamic, static and performance alloy settings are easily configured with the simple push of a button for a variety of wheel styles and designs
  • Auto‐stop function features electro‐magnetic pulse combined with pneumatic braking
  • Highly precise 64‐bit architecture and single‐chip technology.
  • Gram/ounce selection and millimeter/inch selection
  • Dual function weight position indicators provides either top‐dead‐center or bottom‐dead‐center weight positions
  • Manual or automatic start when hood is lowered
  • Self‐calibration function
  • High‐volume top weight tray and side shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety of wheel weights and tools. Side cone storage pegs keeps accessories readily available.
  • Low RPM balancing speed and rapid 7‐10 sec. cycle time
  • An integrated wheel lift helps technicians mount wheels effortlessly on the balancer
  • Fully equipped multi‐piece wheel mounting adapter kit—everything is included
  • Self‐centering quick‐chuck adapter dramatically reduces set‐up times
  • Precision‐machined, hardened‐steel 40 mm shaft
  • Manual or automatic pneumatic brake hold wheels at precisely 12‐o’clock for proper weight placement
  • Open‐sided hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes

  • Style: Truck Balancer
  • Data Entry: Manual
  • Power Supply:  208 – 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Ph
  • Drive Motor: 1.5 HP, 380V, 50 / 60 Hz, 3 Ph
  • Working Temperature: -5°C / 27°F - 50°C / 82°F
  • Drive System: Ribbed Nylon Fiber Drive Belt
  • Cycle Time: 7 - 10 seconds (avg.)
  • Balancing Modes: 1 Dynamic / 1 Static / 3 Alloy
  • Wheel Spin Braking: Electronic Pulse / Pneumatic Brake
  • Wheel Hold Device: Pneumatic Brake
  • Shaft Size: 40 mm
  • Centering Cones Included: 5 Standard / 1 Dual Tapered Cone
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 50” (1,270 mm)
  • Max. Tire Weight: 400 lbs. (181 kg)
  • Max. Wheel Diameter: 30” (762 mm)
  • Wheel Width Capacity: 2” - 20” (51 mm - 508 mm)
  • Balancing Increments: 0.25 or 0.01 oz
  • Balancing Speed: 220 RPM
  • Accuracy / Standard: +/- 1 grams / .03 oz (Cars & Light Trucks)
  • Accuracy / Truck:  +/- 10 grams / .35 oz (Truck, Bus & OTR)
  • Resolution: +/- 7 grams (.25 oz)
  • Shipping Weight: 825 lbs. (374 kg)

Ranger RB24T User Manual
Ranger RB24T Sales Sheet
Ranger RB24T Warranty

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