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Bartell ST1410 Masonry Table Saws
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Bartell Global Masonry Saw - ST1410

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Bartell BSM1402 Masonry SawBartell BSM1402 Masonry Saw
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Bartell Global Masonry Saw - BSM1402

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What is a Masonry Saw? 

A masonry saw is a power tool that is used to cut through brick, concrete, and other masonry materials. It typically consists of a circular blade mounted on a table, and is powered by electricity or gasoline. Masonry saws are commonly used by contractors, masons, and other professionals in the construction industry to cut precise, straight lines in masonry materials.

There are several types of masonry saws, including:

  1. Hand-held saws: These saws are portable and can be used to make cuts in tight spaces or at a variety of angles.

  2. Table saws: These saws are larger and heavier than hand-held saws and are typically used to make straight cuts in thicker materials.

  3. Wet saws: These saws use a continuous flow of water to cool the blade and reduce dust during cutting. They are typically used for cutting through dense materials such as granite or marble.

  4. Bridge saws: These saws are large, stationary machines that are used to make long, straight cuts in thick materials. They are typically used in fabrication shops or on large construction projects.

Masonry saws are a useful tool for cutting through a variety of masonry materials, and can be used to make precise cuts in both residential and commercial construction projects.

Benefits of a Masonry Saw

Some benefits of using a masonry saw include:

  1. Can cut through a variety of materials: Masonry saws are versatile tools that can cut through brick, concrete, stone, and other masonry materials.

  2. Can make precise cuts: Masonry saws are designed to make precise cuts, allowing you to achieve a clean, professional finish.

  3. Can cut to a desired depth: Most masonry saws are adjustable, allowing you to cut to a desired depth.

  4. Can be used in tight spaces: Hand-held masonry saws are portable and can be used to make cuts in tight spaces or at a variety of angles.

  5. Can be used on both residential and commercial projects: Masonry saws are suitable for use on a wide range of projects, including residential and commercial construction.

  6. Can improve work efficiency: Using a masonry saw can help to improve the efficiency of cutting through masonry materials, as it allows you to make precise cuts quickly and with minimal effort.

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