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100% Free Shipping On ALL Orders!


Floor Scrapers - Walk Behind

We’re glad to offer you the easiest way to scrape floors. Save your time, energy, and money by making one smart investment. You can check out the specific floor craping brands, National Equipment walk behind floor scrapers, and Bartell Global walk behind floor scrapers.


High Tech Floor Scrapers

In the past, floor scraping has always been a laborious job by nature. You used to need specific equipment and a certain level of strength and stamina that allows you to scrape through an entire space. So, as you can imagine, muscle soreness wasn’t that uncommon among floor scrapers.

But nowadays, we have the technology to offer you an easier, more efficient solution: walk-behind floor scrapers (also called walk-behind floor removal machines).

Self Propelled

Our walk-behind floor scrapers are varied with adjustable handles, self-propelled engines, single-phase operation, and heavy-duty bodies. We’re sure you’ll find the right one for your needs and your company’s scale here. With our walk-behind floor scrapers, floor scraping is just as easy as lawn mowing.

Visit National Equipment for the full range we stick, or Bartell Global for their full range.