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JET Tools has top quality products and is considered one of the best producers of professional-level equipment. They have machines in metalworking, lifting systems, woodworking, and air tools. At Landmark Tools, we offer a wide range of JET tools from a drill press, dust collector, planers, sanders, and tons of other products. 

We ensure you get the best quality of products straight from the manufacturer’s headquarters. You’ll never go wrong with a JET Tool as its build is sturdy and lasts a lifetime. So, have a look at our collection and choose the one that fits your needs! 

Does JET make good woodworking tools?

Looking at woodworking tools, JET offers a wide range and excellent choices. They are a perfect mid-priced tool making them a cost-effective option. In addition, they have some fantastic features and perform solidly even when used constantly.  

Where are JET woodworking tools made?

JET tools fall under a broader company that markets its woodworking and metalworks equipment known as JPW, which also markets other brands like Powermatic, Wilton, Promatic, and Edward brands. The company has different manufacturing units based in Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Germany, France, and Russia. 

Who owns JET woodworking tools?

JET Tools is owned by JPW industries which also owns several other brands such as Powermatic and Wilton. JPW Industries has been a leader in woodworking tools and home of innovation and service for over 50 years. 

Which is better Grizzly or Jet?

While JET makes high-end equipment, Grizzly offers slightly cheaper alternatives/ JET is superior in quality and build, and most products come with better warranty deals.

JET Tools has excellent selections, which you’ll find here on our site. We only choose genuine JET products manufactured and stamped with the mark of quality from JET. So now is the best time to up your woodworking and metalworking skills and choose the finest selections from sanders, sawmills, and rollers. 

Plus, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if we deliver a faulty product or if you’ve changed your mind. Our shipping policy makes sure we ship all goods within 7-14 days in 48 states of the US. 

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