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Floor Scrapers - Ride On

In the market for a ride-on floor scraper? You've come to the right place! 

Our collection of tile removal machines is unmatched. Here, you'll find the best brands at the industry's most affordable prices, including Bartell Global ride on scrapers ,National Flooring Equipment scrapers, and Taylor tools ride on scrapers.

A ride-on floor scraper is a popular piece of equipment in the flooring demolition industry. Commercial and industrial contractors use it to remove flooring. 

Though some people refer to it as a tile removal machine, a ride-on floor scraper removes more than just tile. It can handle various materials, including:  

• Carpet 
• Linoleum 
• Mortar 
• Hardwood 
• Coatings

As you'll see from browsing our collection, all ride-on floor scrapers look more or less the same.  Most models resemble a riding lawn mower with a seat. 

To use the machine, the operator positions the “scraper” tool on the floor, sits on the seat, and turns it on. From here, the machine will move forward and start removing flooring.  Note that the scraper tool is compatible with different attachments. For instance, some attachments are suitable for pulling up carpet whereas others are better for tearing apart hardwood.

 Thus, it's important to recognize what material you're working with and choose the appropriate attachment. 

A ride-on floor scraper can have many applications. However, they're most common among flooring demolition contractors who work on warehouses and other commercial/industrial workspaces. 

Most contractors would rather forget the pre-tile removal machine days. Without this handy piece of equipment, you and your team have to rip out all materials by hand.  

One can argue that there's something rewarding about doing things the old-fashioned way. But we can guarantee that it's not rewarding to your bottom line.  Manual floor demolition is expensive as it takes longer and requires more manpower. When you have to pay these high labor costs, you won't make as much money.  

Thus, the initial expense of a ride-on floor scraper is well worth it. You're getting a machine that can cut your production times in half (maybe even more!). As a result, your workers can complete projects much more efficiently.  

Yet another benefit of owning a tile removal machine? It helps you grow your business. You'll generate the profits you need to expand your team and service area. And because a tile removal machine opens you up to new types of demolition, you can take on new clients that you previously had to deny.

If you're browsing our tile removal machine collection, you may be wondering if you can afford one. After all, your business is on a tight budget!  

We know it's only natural to wonder if you should just rent a tile removal machine. Our biases aside, we firmly believe that buying one is worth the initial expense.  For one, you won't have to rely on anyone else to get your jobs done. Consistent access to a tile removal machine will make it easier on your crew and limit downtime.  So, instead of thinking of a tile removal machine as an expense, think of it as an investment. You are buying a valuable piece of property that will serve your business for years to come. 

While there are various tile removal machine models, we can classify them into three main types based on their power source. 


If you choose a model that runs on electricity, you must make sure you have access to an outlet or generator at the job site. Also, keep in mind that the extension cord may get in the way.  As long as you're aware of these considerations, electric models are beneficial as they're lighter and more affordable.  


Some models run on fuels like gas, diesel, or propane. They're ideal for outdoor locations as they're loud and emit fumes. As long as you keep up with the extensive maintenance these machines require, they should be a part of your business for the long run. 


Battery-powered models are a favorite because of their versatility. You can take them wherever, as they don't require an extension cord. Plus, they are quiet and run on clean energy.  

As you can see, all of these models are practical options. You can pick the one that's right for your business by analyzing your needs and weighing the pros and cons. 

Experienced floor demolition contractors know that no two tile removal machines are the same. Each comes with unique features, meaning you need to look for the one that's right for your business.  Here are some of the most important factors to consider during your shopping journey.


Imagine for a second that you're working with small nails. A small hammer should be more than enough to get these little guys through the wood. But what if you need to hammer something larger like casing nails? Unfortunately, that smaller hammer won't do the trick as it doesn't weigh enough. It would cause you to spend way too much time and effort.  The same goes for tile removal machines. The heavier the equipment is, the easier floor removal will be as it can apply more down pressure. 

Speed and Torque

We've harped on the importance of getting a machine that's an appropriate weight.  However, you shouldn't necessarily look for the heaviest machine on the market. A good tile removal machine needs to have speed and torque that is compatible with its weight. If you get a machine that's too slow or doesn't have enough torque, its weight will work against it. You'll waste time going back over your work and, ultimately, won't get the cuts you need.  Luckily, our ride-on floor scraper collection has machines with the perfect balance between weight, speed, and torque. Shop today to find the one that's right for your business! 

Variable Speed

Single-speed models can be beneficial if you want something affordable and simple to operate.  However, if you plan on working with different materials, you should opt for something with variable speed. Variable speed ensures you can increase and decrease the power output as needed.  For instance, let's say you are working with VCT flooring. You won't need much power to remove this material, meaning you can put your machine on a lower setting.  If you're working with ceramic tile, however, the lower setting won't cut it. A variable speed model will let you crank up the power so that you can cut through this tough material. Thanks to the higher output, you'll save time and prevent your machine from overworking itself.  

Battery Power

Of course, if you choose a battery-operated model, you should be concerned about the battery power it offers.  Now, we don't necessarily mean choose the machine with the longest battery life. To illustrate why, let's use an example. Say one model you have your eye on has a battery life of 10 hours. Sounds great, right?  It does until you see another model with a 5-hour battery life that works 50% faster.  So, even though the first model has a longer battery life, it isn't as efficient. The second model will let you complete a job in half the time as the first model. As a result, you will cut down on labor costs and even push up deadlines.  In short, remember that it's less about battery life and more about production rate. Make sure you do the calculations to ensure you pick the most efficient model for your projects. 

Scraper Attachments

Before you buy a tile removal machine, consider what materials you primarily work with. Knowing this information will ensure you pick a model that's compatible with the scraper attachments you'll need.  

Compatibility With Different Environments

You should also think about what environments you tend to work in.  For instance, if you primarily work outside or in warehouses, you will have more options available to you. It won't matter as much if the model you pick is noisy or creates a lot of dust. However, if you work in commercial offices or even residential properties, you'll have to be more careful with your decision. Choosing a model that's inappropriate for these sensitive environments can cause damage to not only the flooring but also the surrounding property. 

Safety Considerations

A ride-on floor scraper is a perfect way to streamline your demolition business. However, if you aren't careful, it will end up causing more problems than you started with.  For instance, misusing your machine can lead to property damage. The scraper may ruin concrete slabs, create tons of dust, or cause sharp pieces to ricochet. Aside from damaging the client's property, you might also cause damage to the machine itself. In the end, this carelessness can cost you thousands of dollars.  Yet another consequence of improper operation is injury. If sharp pieces are flying or the operator can't stop the machine, someone can get seriously hurt.  

Thus, it's in your best interest to put safety first. Keep the following considerations in mind as you become familiar with your new tile removal machine:  

• Choose a reliable machine. When you get a high-quality ride-on floor scraper from our collection, you know you're getting a machine that you trust. Our brands adhere to all safety regulations, have a stark commitment to quality, and include all safety features. 
• Follow commonsense safety practices. Upon the arrival of your new ride-on floor scraper, be sure to read the owner's manual. By learning how to properly operate your machine, you can put safety first from the get-go. You should also suit up in the proper safety gear. 
• Perform regular maintenance. Keeping on top of your machine's maintenance won't only ensure it lasts for years to come — it'll also help prevent accidents. Regular equipment checks let you identify problems and refrain from using the machine until you fix them.

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