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100% Free Shipping On ALL Orders!

Floor Scrapers & Tile Removal Machines

Check out our range of tile removal machines. Brands include Bartell Global tile removal machines, National Equipment machines, and Taylor Tools tile removal machines.


Types Of Tile Removal Machines

Tile removal machines can come in many forms from walk behind models to ride on models. These tools are extremely beneficial for helping with a wide range of flooring tasks. From the process of removing old floors to sheet goods, VCT, hardwood, coatings, tiling and more. A great quality tile removal machine offers the best in support for a business or for a home renovation project.

The Floor Scraper

The machines come with a specialty scraper as well as power to manage the scraper. The systems can be used for easily stripping floors and they come with a series of tooling that can handle large industrial jobs as well as scrapers for regular residential flooring. Our team can offer rentals for ride on tile removal machines as well as the option for tile removal machines that drag behind the user.

Popular Questions We Get Asked About Our Tiler Removal Machines

Below you can see some of the questions we get asked about our machines.

What Brands Do You Sell?

We stock and sell some of the very best brands of tile removal machines designed for heavy-duty and professional jobs. These include brands like Bartell Global, National Flooring Equipment, Taylor Tools and much more.

How Do They Work?

Tile removal machines work by utilising a series of blades and scrapers that will grind the floor, dislodge the adhesive as well as remove any tile or mortar. The primary purpose for buying a tile removal machine would be to remove tiles from the floor, but you can also use it for other applications such as grout removal.

The machine rips through the coatings, adhesives, membranes sport surfaces, ceramics and through tile. The onboard features ensure that the system can be suited to a wide range of jobs and the scraper blades can be sharpened to provide fast support for ripping through a number of tile types.

These options give better support to people working in removal environments. With the assistance of a quality tile removal machine, you can cut through the process of tile removal much faster and enjoy getting to your renovation job with greater ease. Whether you need to remove large sections of tile or you require a tile removal machine to take on the task of a full scale removal, we have the tools to help you through the process. Our tile removal machines can offer you the best level of support for large industrial jobs as well as for smaller options in tile removal throughout your property. If you have questions, contact us today! 

Who Makes The Best Removal Machines?

When it comes to tile removal machines, you can't beat the quality and performance of National Flooring Equipment, Bartell Global and Taylor Tools. They build professional-grade tile removal machines that deliver high-quality performance with exceptional design. The range of products they provide includes electric, gas and battery-powered models.

What Type Of Floors Can You Use The Machine On?

Depending on how powerful yours is, tile removal machines can be used on all types of floors, including concrete, wood and marble. The machine will cut through mortar and grout to remove the tiles from the floor.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For These Machines?

The price of commercial-grade machines will vary depending on the size, power source (gas or battery-operated) and the number of blades in the machine. But generally speaking, you should expect to pay between $ 1,500 & $ 10,000 for small to medium scrapers and between $15,000 to $ 70,000 for larger ride-on models.

Where Can I Find Information On How To Use A Floor Scraper Or Removal Machine?

Having an expert to help guide your decision is invaluable. We know how tough it can be searching through hundreds of online resources, and we would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding how to use a floor scraper or tile removal machine.

Why Us?

Compared to endless and drowning online information, our one-on-one advice gets you the exact answers that you are looking for. Our team is passionate about the products we sell, and we’re always happy to share them with you.