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Sliding Panel Saws

A sliding panel saw is a type of sawing machine that helps to easily cut panel profiles, solid-wood, laminated, plywood, MDF, plastic sheets, and melamine sheets into rectangular sections. It allows you to cut off sheet materials at a vertical angle elegantly. It takes up much less floor space than a table saw and it's also easier to manipulate a 4x8 into it.

One thing that makes sliding panel saws more preferable than the table saw is the fence mechanism. You can easily adjust where the fence goes. Suppose you're cutting timber. In a table saw, you don't have the option to adjust the fence as they're always fixed past the blade, which is a bad way of ripping timber. If you use a sliding panel saw instead, you can set the fence past the halfway point of the blade and only push it once instead of having to take the risk of putting your hand right next to the saw blade. Take it a look at our best selling Maksiwa Sliding Panel Saw

Another plus point of the fence system is that if you're cross-cutting some boards and use the fence as your stop, you can pull the fence all the way back. So when you're finished with cutting the sheets, the board will have cleared the fence, and you'll be out of harm's way. To put it simply, a sliding panel saw is much safer than its table saw counterpart. It is also very convenient because, with an average height, you can actually push the slider using your waist or thighs instead of your hands. This is good because you can see your workpiece right below you and also save a lot of energy. Table saws are usually so high that you can't do any of those.

Sliding panel saws are also very budget-friendly. If you're planning to get a sliding panel saw for yourself, feel free to contact our team for more information.